The complete 101 parenting CHECKLIST

*Specially Compiled By A Dad.

If you are a first time parent or someone who is expecting to be a parent in the near future, I understand how you would feel.

Anxiety, nervousness, or even the thought of uncertainty looms ahead after that 9 month mark. 

I'm a father of a 7 year old boy. He has speech problems and is diagnosed to be intellectually disabled.

There were some regrets as to how my former wife and I raised him.

So I would like to share how you can avoid the mistakes I did.  

In this free checklist, use these 8 Points that will guide you on your journey to be a successful parent.

  • Inter Racial Couples Expectations(Including unwed couples)
  • How to Get Pregnant Right
  • The Emergency Labor Pack ‚Äč
  • Importance of Post Labor Care (Autism or ADHD Prevention)
  • What To Buy For Your Newborn Baby
  • How To CareEducate Your Child
  • Managing The Parents Expectations
  • Amazing Reading Program (That Parents Love)
101 Parenting Tips From a Singaporean Father


Pak Nasir

Father of a 7 year old.

Uncle of two.

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