How To Start An Online Business in Singapore... 

Why This Will Benefit You

If you're struggling on how to sell something online, fact check : almost 73% others are. 

So did I when I first started out blogging 4 years ago. Since then, I've been learning and absorbing as much as I can and I've managed to cut out of all the noise.

"Learn from the mistakes of others and put to test their success models."

If you're thinking of starting an online business in Singapore, or even trying to find income on the side apart from your day job, then this might just be resource for you.

What You Will Get

Jumpstart Your Knowledge

6 main slices of the basics of what you need to get started.

Know What Works

With the 6 main topics, it'll prep you up on what you need to learn further down the road

Expressway To Success

Many other gurus try to cram in upsells into a 70+ page book. This e-book is only 13 pages long and delivered in a clear methodical manner.

Master The Skills You Need

Your learning does not stop here. This e-book highlights what's the next step you need to take and you won't be alone. Join other Singaporeans in our private group.

Cut-Out The Noise. Get Your Basics Right.

One thing that I simply hated whilst starting out in the blogging industry was all the talk from self-proclaimed gurus. 

I've went through so many free courses and paid seminars, and to a certain extent,

some of the instructors and companies out there do have remarkable methods to succeed in this business.

For the record, I'm no Guru, but I've managed to collate the basics of all that I've learnt

-- this came with 4 years of testing it out on my blog and having so many other online sites to test.

In addition to that Covid-19 struck, and we're still in the middle of trying to wing it out.

Because of this, almost every company on every industry spectrum is shifting to digital. 

From the stay-home makcik selling kueh-kueh,

to the professional working in financial advisory,

they are all trying to embrace the great shift.

Don't get left out.

In whatever niche that you are in 

- or will be in - there is a slice of the pie for you to take.

All I ask if one thing after learning with me ; pay it forward and share the knowledge. This e-book is just an opener to the basics of understanding, it is what I will share with you on a one-to-one basis that will almost certainly guarantee the success of your online business.

Get Instant Access

 6 Pillars : To Starting An Online Business in Singapore now!

You'll be getting insights to six clear and concise main topics of what you need to start out a digital business here in Singapore. You'll get tips on how to start up your online business for as low as two value-meals per month.

In addition to that, you'll get access to a private FaceBook page where there will be other aspiring online business owners to share their experiences and tips that will certainly help you in one way or another.

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6 Pillars To

Starting An Online Business in Singapore

What my customers are saying:

I wanted to find another source of income...

But I knew there was no easy way to achieve that unless I learn something new. I'm an account manager for my company for almost 4 years, but I needed to have a backup plan in case of anything. 

Farrah Anwar  //  Account Manager

I got sacked...

Because of Covid. I learnt what I could during the circuit breaker, and I came across bro Nas. Thank God. We met up soon after and he taught me alot! Especially in how to get traffic to my website!

Charles Mok  //  Former F&B Supervisor

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If You're Still Undecided

You are the creator of your own fate. You decide what actions to take. This could go two ways:-

1) This is another sales pitch.

2) This is THE  pitch I've been waiting for.

My role is truly simple :- 

To guide you to where I've gotten with this blog, or possibly help you exceed greater heights than myself.

And the e-book's free anyway 😋 

An Overview of What's In The Book

6 core components to online business

Abang Nas  //  Author

Adventure hungry.

History enthusiast.

Loves meditating.

I love two things in life. Being a listening ear to others, and being counseled by my other half. Who says the counselor doesn't need to be counselled?

I love learning and implementing new stuff that's related to internet marketing.

If you're looking for a dummy's guide on what to look out for when starting out. Look no further!


Join Over 800+ Happy Customers

Stay-Home Manicurist

I got retrenched and I was trying to find ways to market my online business! For those who are still thinking, don't think anymore lahhh, just take a leap of faith with Nas!

Hidayah  //  Manicurist

The Love For Motorcycles

Was looking to improve my game in selling motorcycle parts &accessories.... all the while I was only using Instagram. Nas helped me with setting up my blog, and I'm thankful he made the time to meet me and another student with our questions! I'm dumb when it comes to internet marketing, but Nas changed that! Terima kasih bro Nas!

Andi kumaha//  Motorcycle Parts Trader

The Best Time to Start Getting "6 Pillars To: Starting An Online Business In Singapore" is Now!

This resource is usually only available for my readers who are active on my blog or Instagram. I will be opening up a course soon, where I can travel to your place of convenience and conduct a 1-2 hours coaching session on the methods I personally use to earn via my blog. This book though, is free and it acts like a gauge that sets you apart from the rest on what to start with.

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6 Pillars To 

Starting An Online Business in Singapore

Free E-Book

100% Free. 1000% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If you don't get the basics of understanding via my e-book by the end of the the reading, just let me know via Instagram and let me know how I can help.


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