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I get it, you're here because you wanna know more about me. I'm usually more of a people person, my close friends label me the crazy one - I've been called by many names, from the "crazy" dude to the "serious" one. But that's a part of me that only those close to me can only tell 🙂

My name is Nas, or Pak Nas as I'm known to my readers. I'm a full time blogger, founder and author called The Little Red Blog.

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    I'm in my early thirties, father of a single child.
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    I was a Police Officer for 8 years. Emphasis on was.
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I'm a Malay by race, Singaporean by nationality and Muslim by religion, a proud one at that, but here's a little twist; I studied at a Catholic primary and secondary school.. yuppp, all 11 years.

The reason why I want to start a blog

..Is because I'd thought that with my experience I might  be able help out in any way I can for Singaporeans who read this blog of mine. On my short bio above, I pretty much think I've had a finger in almost every pie by being a Muslim, having Catholics as my best friends, being in the civil service for almost a decade and most importantly, surviving an almost 2 year long depression after my failed marriage.

My projects as of now include maintaining this blog, and I carry out pro-bono alternative Islamic treatment services for people who suffer from sorcery, and witchcraft. 

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