Battle of Food Delivery Services in Singapore

Food Delivery services singapore

Food Delivery Services Singapore

If you noticed, there has been an increasing number of riders on motorcycles carrying packs which resembles alot like McDelivery or even Pizza Hut deliverymen. These is the latest hype that’s rising here in Singapore. The battle of food delivery services in Singapore. With so many types of available services available, which one to choose??

When it comes to mind, the following factors springs:-

  • Best food delivery services Singapore company
  • Are they fast or not?
  • Are they expensive?
  • Why would we order through them when the nearest hawker center is only a 5 minute walk, if you stay in a HDB estate la. If you’re staying on landed estate, then its a 5 minute drive perhaps?
  • Are the companies reliable enough to send fresh food to our doorsteps?

With the increasing number of demanding Singaporeans, and coupled with the tight schedules that we have, hey if you leave for work early in the morning before the sun rises and reach home after sunsets, most likely you’re a typical Singaporean. Our buddies would taunt us by saying we got no life. wth. Long gone were the days when Ibu(mom in Malay) had cooked dinner for us when we reached home from school or work. With the current standards of living, we chuck our kids one side and then come home to a beautiful and sparkling kitchen area- cos never use alot mah. wah kaoz.

Now, its been said that its statistically and mathematically cheaper for us to eat outside food here in Singapore, in Europe, its the reverse mind ya. So it makes us arrive to the question of commodity, efficiency and satisfaction of food delivery services in Singapore.

The Little Red Blog has summed up the main differences that will help you pick which company is by far the best, in general, for you to place your food orders with. There are so far three companies. Deliveroo, UberEATS and Food Panda. I have to proclaim that I’m not acting on behalf of ANY company, nor am I paid to advertise for them. Don’t anyhow say later I biased. Lets be impartial la, besides, we Singaporeans love GOOD GOOD service, some say the best in Singapore and JB. loool.

If you ask me, these delivery companies are trying to supply a demand of connecting restaurants that don’t offer food delivery services in Singapore by offering delivery on their behalf. But being a jack of all trades, makes you a master of none. And along that anecdote, lets compare it with McDelivery, or Pizza Hut. These two companies do not land their clientele in a mirage of options for them to choose. Their menus are clearly organized and for either of them, its either a Extra Value Meal, or a Pan-Crust Pizza. They’re quick and concise. The essence of fast food made simple. But if you see the food delivery companies on the other hand, they us customers have to deal with LOADS of companies to connect restaurants with their customers.

So go ahead, take your pick. Be a lazy person, don’t cook your own food and make these companies profit from your laziness, better still, hack away your kitchen, sell all your cutleries, pots and pans on carousel, so you can pay for your food delivery services costs. Swee right.

Which food delivery is the best?


  • Delivers to most estates
  • Delivery Charge
  • Advance Orders
  • No cash payments
  • $5 charge for orders below $25


#TLRB Rating

Which food delivery is the best?


  • Driver with cars for delivery with ratings
  • Free Delivery for now
  • Only covers CBD area
  • No cash payments

No Min /order

#TLRB Rating

Which food delivery is the best?

Food Panda

  • Delivers to most estates
  • Delivery Charges
  • Does not offer multiple restaurant orders
  • No customized orders

$15/ order

#TLRB Rating

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