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How can I start this off simply in conjunction with the topic of this post… hmmm. There are thousands and thousands of web sites and blog sites out there preaching people about what are the best online tools to use for bloggers, which one are the cheapest, which ones are expensive but good, blah blah blah…. Do bear in mind that a majority of other bloggers have a personal stake in the tools that they actively promote, because sometimes they are PAID to do it, and have no choice but to be biased. But I’ll only recommend only the tools that I’m comfortable to use myself, and like to use. Sometimes the tools I use are not so straightforwardly easy? But after I sat down to understand the functions of that particular tool, I’ll be comfortable with it. Take it basically like……. riding a motorcycle. I’m a rider myself, and the rule of thumb is that almost everyone has a motorcycle license nowadays, and you want that sweet-ass Ducati motorcycle. But not all of us are able to get it. Why?


Ducati Motard
A bigger stronger bike can get you to your point faster sure..


  1. Most of Ducati bikes belong to Class 2, and you may just have a Class 2b driving license
  2. They will cost more than your arm and legs combined, its goddamn expensive

But me as the bike dealer, I’d recommend going for Class 2b Gilera Runner VXR 200. It will match perfectly for those who only possess Class 2b license and craving for a taste of European motorcycles.

Enough about the motorcycle talk there. Let’s bring you back to the world of blogging that us bloggers use as tools.

You may have the thirst for blazingly fast, sweet, tools that will get the job done in fashion, but I’d like to be practical, and instead suggest you the most efficient way of getting you from point A to point B. Simple as that.

Gilera Runner VXR 200
A smaller bike will get you to your destination, at a cheaper cost..

Tool Number #8

For my domain hosting, I use Siteground.

Why? Because they make it incredibly easy to get a new site Web Hostingup because of their ever excellent service, and their quick response to their live chats in getting my issues solved.

You can use your SiteGround account to host multiple domains—no need to pay more for hosting when you’re ready to start another website.

I highly recommend using SiteGround for your first website, and you can get started now at $3.95/month, which is an exclusive The Little Red Blog reader deal!

Tool Number #7

For planning of tasks and what to blog about, don’t use a pen and paper lah. Go modern. You’re a blogger, so tap on the resources online! I use Trello. The amazing thing about this tool is that you can use it easily on your mobile phone-android or IOS devices. It works somewhat like evernote, but I like the interface here better as they’ll sort your ideas out in decks/cards all on one interface. And oh, its free 😋

Tool Number #6

For keyword research- there are tons of advises, and suggestions out there in the net. ALL are useful, nothing I’ve found so far that has been useless. I personally use Google Adwords keyword research tool and Google Trends to find out what is the current hype happening around Singapore right now- or the world if you’d like to find out what are the trends.

Tool Number #5

Pictures. A thousand pictures tells a thousand words. Use for best resolution images. Not all are free though, AND make sure to credit the authors for their work whenever you use them. Imagine if YOU take the pictures yourself only to have someone else taking credit for it? So be nice, tag the authors laah.

Tool Number #4

Social Media Platforms, don’t forget to use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Page, and even SnapChat(which is rising to be the next hot stuff). All these are a number to handle at one go, read on the Tool Number #3 for a cool gadget to take on all these apps under its wing.

Tool Number #3

Troubling to switch from one Social Media platform to the next? Don’t sweat. HootSuite is here to save the day. One platform for all your social media platforms combined. I use the scheduler to run posts across the week as well. I’m using the Pro version because I get to manage multiple social media platforms on one window, but the free version has a limit of 2-3, my advise? Get the pro!

Tool Number #2

Active Campaign. I started off with MailPoet, a plugin that can be found in the wordpress free plugins, but it totally suck. I was scouring the net for the best E-mail marketing responder that was up to my standards. lol. And I stumbled upon Active Campaign. If you’re a technical person, this is for you. You get to arrange/manage every single command of the responder according to your taste till you get the right recipe. For instance, reader subscribes-> thank you email sent out-> pause 2 days -> send another e-mail. Add in as much commands as you like to the stream, and make it as simple as you want. Totally versatile.

Tool Number #1

Ever came across a wonderfully designed pop-up box that you landed on that entices you to sign up for a free E-book, or get a discounted item. Or those lightboxes which pop up as you’re navigating a page? The Thrive company has got it covered from the first to the last of captivating your reader. This is my number #1 recommendation because its the best cost of money in relations to the good that you receive in return. Sure, you can sign up for Thrive Leads, or Thrive Lightboxes, or Thrive Landing Pages, but if you’re a Thrive Content Builder member, you get access to ALL their tools, current and FUTURE releases. I can’t stress more about the good of the products this company release, as I am in love with it. The price? Is $199 a month. Kidddddddinggg la. Its $75USD for 3 months. Which is a STEAL compared to paying a pro designer for each task. Go on,take a look at it. You’ll get the powers of a designer right on your desktop with all the ready themes that have been uploaded. Visit their site here.










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