What is the best type of Yoga to practice?

There are many types or genres of Yoga, Hot Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, all types to suit almost our every need.  To know more about different types of yoga check out this Yoga 101 types.

Then there is Aroma Yoga-which we’ll be introducing to you today.

yoga pose with essential oil

For starters, aroma yoga was initially founded to supplement practicing yogis, or yoga enthusiasts in their active daily living. Coupled with this, it’s said to unclog the chakra, or the natural energy element that resides in us, in order to have a much more balanced lifestyle on top of performing their usual yoga routines.

Most of the other yoga genres involves some quite heavy, gut crunching poses that even I struggle to do, but after personally giving a shot in support of a friend who is an aspiring aroma yoga instructor, we found ourselves rather refreshed after the session!

WeThinkLife go one-on-one with Momoko Oda this coming 30th of April when she conducts her class at Civil Service Club. We’ll be back with more juicy updates on this fresh new type of exercise that anyone can practically do!



**We’re back with updates!!**

The WeThinkLife team attended one of Momoko’s classes, held in the lovely heartlands of Farrer Park, this was going to be our second session in her class and hey, if I’m going, it means that this is the real shit gals. And I’m usually a lazy bum yea. loooool.

Momoko Oda Aroma Yoga Instructor
Momoko Oda,
Aroma Yoga Instructor

Momoko Oda. A youthful, reserved-looking, yet bubbly at heart Japanese-born lady with an astonishing ferocity when she’s in her Yoga game. Apart from this, Momoko also dance to the tunes of Flamenco. YES. You read it right. When we first came to know about it, we were caught by surprise by this reserved-looking lady who adores the arts. Never judge a book by its cover yo!

We got a sit-down with her to share with us her thoughts:-

1)First things first. Tell us more about yourself!

  • I’m from Japan. I’ve been in Singapore for 3yrs and a half.
  • What do you do for your day job?
    I’m currently working for an IT company, where my work involves some translating.

2)What drove you to do Aroma Yoga?

  • When I was still in the middle of a Yoga Instructor Teachers Training, I was already in a slump, struggling to differentiate myself from other yoga teachers out there. I wanted to have something….. unique about me as an instructor. I was well aware of the hundreds of other Yoga Instructors out there, and I thought to myself that I’d wanna be different! At the same time my boss was an essential oil enthusiast who got me into oils and I myself enjoyed using oils on a daily basis. Then one day I chanced upon a one-off Aroma Yoga workshop by Denise Keller and that was THE “lightbulb” moment for me. I love yoga and essential oils, so marrying them together seemed like nothing but a perfect idea. After the workshop, I flew to her asking where she attained her cert and she gladly shared her knowledge 🙂
Momoko under Instruction
Getting certified wasn’t an easy task I’d say!

3) How did you find out and when you did you first started yoga?

  • I was naturally drawn to yoga when I started working full-time. I expected a full-time job to be pretty stressful, and yoga seemed like a good idea for maintaining one’s physical & mental well-being. My late Oba-chan(Editor’s Note: Momoko calls her grandma that! Cutee right!) used to practice yoga, which helped her a great deal to recover quickly after cancer surgery. It could have possibly imprinted some positive image of yoga in my mind since young.

4)Where did you learn this art from?

5) Why is Aroma Yoga different than normal yoga?

  • When you smell essential oils, it goes through your olfactory (which means sense of smell), which in turn sends signals to the center of the brain where your emotions, memory, trauma, and hormone secretions are controlled. Since essential oils directly reach that area, you could expect transformation from all dimensions of body, mind, and emotions. When the oils are used in tandem with energy exercises like Yoga Asana for instance, people will become more grounded, relaxed, happier, empowered even.

6) What are the purpose of the oils?

  • They give us so many benefits to our body from soothing digestive issues, helping to relax/perk up, sleep well or boost our immune system. They’re good for the skin too! Essential oils (therapeutic-grade only) can be a really good alternative to relieve minor body and mental issues we may experience in our daily life.
  • A couple of of oils I’ve used in class so far are Transformation™ and Cederwood.
    Transformation™ is a blend oil designed to facilitate your desire to shift your world/belief system. It contains Lemon and Peppermint, which makes it very uplifting and positive as well as grounding and spiritual oils such as Sacred Frankincense and Idaho Bruce Spruce.
  • Cederwood on the other hand, is calming, purifying and helps to soothe the mind. It also helps counter nervous tensions and stress related conditions.

7) Are there any other use of the oils apart from aroma yoga?

  • It can be used to release tension, relieve minor pain, have deep sleep, boost immunity, improve skin conditions or detox the chemicals in your body. Another fun use of oils is you can create your own chemical-free cosmetics, household cleaner, bug repellent and so much more. You can even use some for cooking! (Editors note: Cooking reallly!!!?? We’re surprised!!!)

 8)What are the benefits of Aroma Yoga®?

  • Essential oils enhance your breadth and have a positive effect on your emotions and biorythm.  They have thousands of history just like yoga. So when oils are combined with yoga, it creates a synergy! After the class you’ll come out of the class feeling so relaxed on a much deeper level.

9) Is it safe to practise?

  • ABSOLUTELY! It’s overall a gentle practice so beginners to essential oils or yoga are all welcome to join us!

10) How often do you hold classes?

  •  At the moment, I only teach yoga to my colleagues in the office. But once it’s over by the beginning of June, I’d loveeee to teach somewhere else. Suggestions/requests welcome! You can reach me either via Instagram or momoko.wellness@gmail.com .  My profile is on Aroma Yoga® website too.

11) What other hobbies/interests do you have that support your lifestyle?

  • (Editor’s note, we know Momoko-Chan personally and a lil hidden side of her artsy self, so we literally had to beg her to put in this teaser!!!)
    • I’ve been dancing flamenco since 2007(!) with a few years of break in-between. Personally, I feel that both Yoga and flamenco help me to balance out the Ying & Yang in my life.

      Momoko Healthy Lifestyle

12) Tell us something unexpected about you! *Cheeky Grin*

  • I like baking! Doesn’t mean I’m good at it!!! haha!

If you’d like to know more about this genre of Yoga that is rare in Singapore, drop comments below or contact us via our Facebook!

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