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I've tried HostGator, Godaddy, Siteground and DreamHost, only to end back up with Siteground. I started experimenting with a website for my insurance business,, and other online business, which is a blogsite that's targeted with history and blogs related to spiritual. It's heavy with content, videos and images alike, hence the backbone of it has to be adequately strong enough to keep it at optimal speed. 

I've added fresh info into this article as of today, 16th of May 2020, and I sincerely hope it'll help you folks. If you're ever in Singapore, do drop me at any of the contact options in this site to ask me about anything related to WordPress and blogging. I'll try to help as much as I possibly can!

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The very first web hosting provider I used was Hostgator, followed by GoDaddy. I then tried NameCheap briefly before I switched to SiteGround. Undeniably, all the mentioned web hosting providers do provide adequate web hosting. My sites never crashed or faced any real issues, but there was one prevalence that was missing in the first three web hosting provider that made SiteGround different on an entirely new scale:-

Excellent customer service.



Customers At The  Heart Of Everything We Do.


Allow me to elaborate more on my personal experiences and why I'll never leave SiteGround provided if some major shit crops up with them, which is almost near impossible as they have Data Centers on FOUR different continents.

The Common Factor

In the year 2012, I was a newcomer in the blogger fraternity and naturally being a new and aspiring blogger, there were a lot of obstacles that I faced.

Issues that were as simple as basic HTML coding, installing a plug-in, how to insert pages into a category, how to troubleshoot a plug-in if it conflicts with another, and even web hosting issues like redirecting a domain to another and so on so forth. The first thing I did was google for the solution, and when I grew tired trying to find it, I did what many would do- turn to my web hosting provider. With Host Gator, they do have an available live chat function to assist their customers, but the wait.. took ages every single time, at the very least it was a 15 minute wait even during a non-peak period!

I then switched to GoDaddy. GoDaddy didn't have any live chat function back then, only a hotline which was fast. Good right? Wrong. Their call center was manned by Westerners with ang-moh(it's what us Singaporeans call Westerners) accents. Don't get me wrong, I got the solution to my problem,  and I don't know of other users out there, but I had to keep up with the inferiority complex with talking to an ang-moh, and I found that I was reluctant to call in to solve my problems.

Then I found SiteGround and it was truly a blessed experience. Their live chat function is served in a matter of seconds, if not minutes, and their customer service staff will more often than not over-service you. That's what I love about SiteGround. I recently sought help from them in regards to a WordPress issue. I knew that it wasn't their core job to assist me in rectifying the problem I had, but SiteGround went to the extent of finding for me the right forum post for me to address the issue!

Not Just About Excellent Customer Service

Let's raise the stakes and see why SiteGround is my preferred web-hosting provider.

Page Loading Speed

  • Industry average loading time: 4,7 sec
  • SiteGround's loading time without cache: 1,7 sec
  • I got this screenshot off SiteGround's site and they tell a great deal about the competition in the web-hosting industry. The average page loading time takes 4.7seconds while Siteground is at spot number 2 loading at 1.7 seconds! You would have figured out how fast my site loaded when you arrived here aye? Otherwise, load up this page again and see how amazingly fast it loads 😉

    Page Loading Speed

    SiteGround's Page Loading Speed

    SiteGround's Performance

    SiteGround's Performance Speed

    Not Just About Speed

    Sure you can have a car that can speed. But can it handle the corners with 4-5 people in it? SiteGround's like the Maserati of web-hosting providers - at least to me.


    • Industry average hits handled: 2852
    • Without cache they handle 3 times more: 8276

    I cannot stress the importance of this guys. Your site may well be able to handle traffic when it's new and not having many hits to your site in the early stages will still be manageable. The issue may well arise only when you've garnered enough fans or avid readers to your site. Will your web-hosting provider be able to handle them efficiently? By then, you might be stuck with a company and transferring your site to another hosting company might prove to be cumbersome. Save yourself some trouble and go with the best that's been tried and proven.


    Alongside with speed and performance, SiteGround also offers safety checks for everyone, regardless of whatever plans they choose. 

    Security with using SiteGround
    • WordPress vulnerability: not patched by anyone
    • Joomla vulnerability: not patched by anyone
    • Both vulnerabilities: patched by SiteGround only
    SiteGround Logo

    The Best Web Hosting in Singapore


    User Friendly


    Summary : I've tried and tested three different web-hosting providers and I've found that SiteGround has the best overall experience for me. One thing that really stand out is their customer service. They over-service and that's a good thing for us as their customers right? What beats a 24/7 LIVE tech support to help you solve your issues relating to your blog? All in all, great job SiteGround!

    • Idiot proof interface
    • Excellent performance in speed and performance
    • Hack-proof and free weekly scans of your sites
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