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When I was in my younger days, it struck to me, lots of times, on where to bring my date out. I always thought:-

“Singapore so small siaaa… There’s literally no where to go…

It would be the same ol routine for me and my date, lunch, movies, pool-or bowling, dinner, home. And it was the same every weekend. Talk about mundane bruh.

And when I say lunch first, I was only like what, 17? 18 years old back then? And back then, Singapore was in much more boring state that it is now. Fast forward a decade, you have an Island of fun(if you guessed Sentosa, score for ya), and from Sentosa itself, you have countless of many stuff to do, many more movie theaters sprung up in our little island ever since, other activities include cafe hopping, clubbing, and for the artsy peeps, we have so many stuff like the Night Festivals, or some sort of festival happening every now and then.


I’m gonna try to break it down easy for ya. I’ll TRY my best to set up an itinerary for the day for you in different places, and it would be specially just for you, when you try to open it via the PDF doc with the password meant only for you. Idea righttttttt. looooooool. Why give your date the suspense of where you’re gonna bring her next when I can have the fun of keeping you BOTH in suspense. hahahhahaha.

But that’s in time to come la. I’m gonna give the community a little teaser first, by letting you consume my itinerary first, and in the time to come, we’re gonna juice it over with suspense with the password locked document.

Okay, lets go with the first of many many to come on our Little Red Blog.

Best Roses in Singapore direct from Kenya
Blk 2 Lorong Lew Lian, #01-30. Golden Roc Florist

1030 hours:  Get some flowers if you hadn’t had the time to do so. If you HAPPEN to be somewhere in Serangoon area, go to Block 2 Lorong Lew Lian, there’s the only florist shop there tucked right at the far end of the block and ask for the special Red Roses from Kenya. The thing about these roses is that they last super long and they simply emit a lovely sweet scent. Look for Miss Ivy, and tell em that Pak Nasir from The Little Red Blog recommended them(Check out their lily flowers too, my girlfriend loves them to the core). Her contact number is 6280-4084/12-44

1200 hours: Get ready to pick your beau up, or to meet her at the rendezvous point for the start of the date. Since this is a proposed idea, I’d say start at Haji Lane. There is a cafe there by the name of the Wonderland Cafe. It’s a perfect start for the day as you’ll be in the centre of Singapore, and this cafe is simply gorgeous as it is stacked with the sweet scent of flowers, andddd your flowers in hand wouldn’t be so out of place when you guys are there. (I know some guys sometimes abit paiseh to give flowers to girls, but paiseh for what sia. Be romantic once in awhile won’t kill mah). I’d have to say that if you’re on a budget here, the stuff to eat here are a lil pricey. For a pastry cake and a latte could possibly cost you $20? The ambience is wonderful(as the name of the cafe implies) so enjoy it with a simple cup of coffee will do. Here is the chance for you to warm up with your date.

1330 hours: Head on out and back-track to the start of Haji Lane, where there is a food joint called “I Am….” cafe. The food here are simply gorgeous, and their servings are friggin generous. Try out their fish and chips, its gonna be like slapping a huge ass fish on the table for you. Place is non air-conditioned so tahan abit uh if the weather is unforgiving.

1430 hours: You can either scour around the Kampong Glam Estate, if you’re in luck, wait for arrival of wedding couple heading to the former Sultan Estate at Aliwal Street with their entourage or stay for a kuda-kepang performance at the Malay Heritage Centre. Here’s also an opportunity to take lots of pictures in the surrounding areas which will serve as awesome backdrops in your images taken.

1545 hours: Watch the kuda kepang performance, watch a play at the nearby Esplanade or, simply watch a movie if you can’t find any other performance to watch. This is soooo because, it’s like the swing time- a prelude before the evening kicks in. You’ll both be kinda heavy after the meal, so being lethargic is natural. Take the hour or so here to regain back your energy and fight the lepak bug.

1700 hours: Walk over to Bugis Street, where you can find lots and lots of cheap stuff to buy, momentos for the date, if you wanna do so, go buy a couple wrist-band, or a couple t-shirt or something, you won’t spend much here as the stuff here are pretty cheap. For guys; you wanna have something that your date will remember when she brings the momento home,it’ll strike as a memory for her of the well thought out date that you planned for her.

1900 hours: Head over to Clarke Quay, The Central, find the lock of love, buy a little lock to lock in your vows or love for each other. Not advisable if you’re on the first date with her ah. For dinner, head over to hooters in Clarke Quay.

2100 hours onwards: At this point, you can choose whether to call it a night, OR go to a live bar in one of the clubs in Clarke Quay, I’d recommend Aqua Nova, but I’ve heard that its since been shut down. That place was awesome. Otherwise, head over to the Pump Room, where they hold equally as nice live bands there as well.

A little something to quip in for the guys(again). It takes alot of planning to make the date the most awesome for the both of you. If you plan on giving her a gift, and say, you wanna surprise her with it, buy that gift first, go on over to the box office at the movie theater, pass the gift to the staff(make sure you take the staff name down) and tell them of your intentions. And later when you and your date go on over to collect the tickets, let the staff surprise her by passing her the gift. This worked wonders for my girlfriend when I was actively courting her in the early days :p

Lots of prep for the guys ah. Because we’re supposed to be the romantics in the relationship. We initiate.




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