6 tips for dating in Singapore like a true Asian

You’re single. Average looking. Decent job with a decent paycheck.  Your mom has been pestering you to get hitched soon… so now you need to find a date here in Singapore. How do you go about dating in Singapore? You may be a local, or you may not…. but don’t fret as The Little Red Blog will try to cover dating 101 here with just 6 tips for just anyone who seeks cupid’s arrow in our little red dot. 

Where to find the special one

Did you know that of all the dating sites you ever tried getting hitched, it’s only ONE place where you will ever find your dating partners. We’re pretty confident that you may have had a few ideas in mind. A social networking event, tinder maybe😉 getting your friends to introduce you their friends, even mixing in your own workplace, etc etc. But all these are are worthless if you don’t know how to play the game😉

How to court for your beau

Be humorous. Ever seen that guy who cracks jokes and dominates a friend’s gathering? Or the class joker whom you’ve always said was yapping to much? Girls dig that. Why? Metaphorically speaking, it’s the cocky-attitude that girls go for. It’s the ever so confidence that the cockster portrays that catches the attention of anyone when it involves dating in Singapore.

The above is for girls who like “dangerous” men and would always feel safe for having a daring and courageous man to call her own.

Dangerous man like thor
Girls dig dangerous men.

There’s another type of guys that girls dig. The gentleman. He is the type that makes wise decisions, thinking before he speaks, and always making calculated choices. Usually this type of men usually catches the eyes of the middle-aged woman, one who is looking for better security in her life. Being wise means potentially becoming richer, and who stands to gain from it in the long run? You betcha, the babe does.

But let’s cut to the chase here. Let’s say you have got your sights on a particular girl you fancy. How would you woo her?

#TLRB Tip 1. Throw lots and lots of compliments about her, not too much that it would seem that you’re trying to boot lick her instead of flattering her. Girls can’t resist flatter, and a tell-tale sign is their blushing, re-adjusting their hair to the sides, crossing their legs, or even smiling sheepishly.

#TLRB Tip 2. If you manage to get her number, or Facebook, text her no longer than two days after. Any later would only set them thinking “was that guy for real?” Or worse; when you finally text them up, they prolly won’t remember who you are. So keep things fresh before they become stale over time.

#TLRB Tip 3. Plan your date. Do research. Dating in Singapore doesn’t need much time accommodation for traveling as our country ain’t big. For the first date out, we’d suggest making time in the itinerary to learn more about the other. Hobbies, likes, dislikes. Is she a sporty person? Is she the movie goer? party person etc. This is IMPORTANT as it sets the tone for the rest of your outings(if you make it in the first one though) Make a set of plans, just in case you have to swap some programs for the other.

Take a look at list of date ideas in Singapore that we came up with..

#TLRB Tip 4. Go Dutch, or one pays the bill? That depends. We’d say that you take turns. Like one buys the movie tickets, the other pays for dinner later. That shows equality, and it may appear to be a charm to her if she sees that you respect her for being able to provide for her own.

guy carrying girl handbag
A common sight amongst Asian couples.
Photo credits of *Perpetualfunk*

#TLRB Tip 5. Asian girls find it romantic that their guys carry their bags for them. So all you other guys out there, please take after our Asian counterparts and follow suit please. There’s nothing wrong in carrying your girl’s handbag here in Singapore.

#TLRB Tip 6. See her home right to her doorstep and this you cannot miss. It’s like the cream of the crop, where you include the finale to your masterpiece. She’ll be flattered throughout the date if you do this- and remember you for it. And who knows, you might just steal a kiss on the way out 😝

How to keep the special one:-

If, and when you come to this point in life. Congrats. Now how do you KEEP him/her tucked in your pajamas making sure that your beaut doesn’t flirt or skirt away? It’s easy. You just have to keep the romanticism alive.

I’m sure the bulk of us have been in and out of a couple of relationships, and if you left the last one, meant something went wrong.

There are three phases in a relationship.

  1. The chase.
  2. The courtship.
  3. Maintaining the spark.

The chase, is pretty much where the excitement level is at its peak. Girl meets boy, sparks fly, butterflies in the stomach. Its either you get them or not.

The courtship period is where both parties are pretty much comfortable with one another and most probably have got their relationship to the next level like introducing their other half to their friends, family and loved ones. Its pretty much a rollercoaster ride at this juncture. And oh, here’s where we learn how to adapt to one-another’s likes and dislikes and what not. And when we meant rollercoaster meaning that there’s gonna be a shitload of storm coming your way, and your both brace through it together as a couple, you may just emerge unscathed.

Maintaining the spark. Maybe 2-3 years into the relationship, its the peak where you might or might not be sure that you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with this other individual. You’re long past the chase period where you’ll see less sparks flying. You won’t be sitting in front of your Iphone waiting for their text to see if they’re online or not, and their touch seem to fizzle out abit on you.

Most of us are worried on the third phase, its like building a project together, and you’re unsure whether you have the means to carry on with the build. That’s the whole purpose of life and relationships.We keep trying to settle down with someone until we’re dead sure that he/she is the right one for us.

Hopefully with the 6 tips we provided you above would help you in your journey in finding your one true love! If you like this article, please share this post with your friends, or even better, drop hints to the one you’re courting! lol!














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