DBS Marina Regatta 2016(5th Edition)


Its back. One of the rising popular carnivals/festival that Singapore has to offer will be taking place this weekend AND the next! Lining up the occasion’s tenure by the bay in Marina will be a slew of happening stuff which include:-

Dragonboat_DBS_Marina Regatta
Why are dragons in the water again?

The usual dragon-boat races, where this time, DBS will be throwing a little twist to it this year- read more about it here

The magnificent sailing boats will be up for rides again. For a sailing good time, read more about it here

To bring the atmosphere of the beach, there’s gonna be bicycles for rent! Yay for the slow walkers! Click here to know how to find the bicycle shack.

Shopping for the goodies and merchandise. Stall are located at various locations in order to keep everyone hydrated and happy all around 🙂

Eats. Come on, since when a Singapore festival has NO sales of food. We’re known for our taste for food 🙂

Fireworks Display DBS Marina Regatta
There will always be fireworks for big events!

Performances by favorite acts which were featured last year in DBS Marina Regatta 2015. Click here for the list of performances that will be showcased along the bay.

FIRST remote-controlled sailing boats at the bay.

Last but not least, which in my opinion is the one of the best attractions DBS Marina Regatta 2016 has to offer- is the return of Singapore’s FIRST Urban Beach.

And oh, not forgetting the fireworks display too! Kids dig this.

**I can’t help but to comment on the kiasu-ism that we have in Singapore. Everything also want to be FIRST. First in world’s best Airport. First in Ports,from third-world to FIRST. Wah, no wonder our society is so challenging.**




What you need to know about DBS Marina Regatta 2016:-
  • Dates of event:-
    • Saturday(28th May) and Sunday (29th May)
    • Saturday(4th June) and Sunday (5th June)
  • 29th May is meant for DBS Staff Family day, and if I’m not wrong, there are some rides like the Sailing Boats which are not available to the public. All other activities will remain open.
  • Rain and Shine event
    • It’s supposed to be sunny day as per usual in Singapore, but in case it rains, they’ll broadcast a message on the next course of action.
    • For the super kiasu ones right, can bring these:-
      For the super kiasu cap visor
      Its called a Korean Solar Hat with UV Visor ?
      • Sunblock lotion in case too hot
      • Cap with the super long visor(see pic →)
      • Umbrella
      • Poncho
      • Extra socks and shoes
      • Extra set of clothes
      • Soap and shampoo(Can bathe at the toilets one don’t worry you’ll make it happen, if not go MBS toilets la)


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