Email Marketing


And why do you need an email list?


Snail mail was a thing of the past. Email marketing is not only faster and more efficient than what cave bloggers used to do, it’s about promoting your products and/or services to your target audience. Build trust with your customers to see a long and successful relationship with them.  


Before we begin, I cannot stress indefinitely in saying that your email list is the backbone of your business. Why? That’s because it’s the most direct way for you to communicate with your audience who will most likely be your fans or customers in the near future!


When I first started blogging for my first online business back in 2012, I procrastinated. The thoughts of setting up an email marketing campaign were cumbersome to me. I had to deal with the landing pages of my site to capture email addresses, ensure that that the triggers were set in right and all. But remember – your readers may not surf your website on a regular basis. By procrastinating to set up my email marketing campaigns, I missed out on huge opportunities that could have made sales or even reached a wider loyal reader base as I had no idea how to reach out to them just because I was perhaps lazy to build that relationship over email.


Building a focused and quality list


There is no other time than now to start building your email list


Fret not if you have no idea on how to start an email list. I’ve got your back there: check out this email marketing tutorial that I myself signed up for two years back. [* Full disclosure: I earn a commission from this sale]

Before we dig deeper into the resources that I use, I’d want to share the most important lesson I’ve learned in email marketing: quality over quantity. It’s not the size, but the quality of your list. Focus on the real problems people face-what you faced- when trying to learn the ropes.


No matter the reason, either if you’re selling your own product or into affiliate marketing, or even if you’re not sure what to sell just yet, go on ahead and connect with your readers. Focus on networking, building relationships and increasing rapport between you and your customers.


Confused about where to begin?


This page contains all the resources that you need to get started. In time,  I will be creating my very own guide on how to get started on email marketing, that being said, do check out the site that I personally used.

These are additional pointers that could come in handy for you:-

  • Always look to serve your customers, not sell to them.
  • Always bear in mind that your readers are people, not $$ signs.
  • When your work gains traction and people appreciate your work, they’ll find ways to pay you back.

You’ll find it way easier to connect with your audience if you picture them as your friends or loved ones. Don’t objectify the audience, else they’ll stonewall you in return!  Take action right now!




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