FIFA (Video Game Series)

Since young, I have been an avid gamer – playing games of different genre. The game that I have been playing most of the time up till today is none other than FIFA. FIFA, which is also known as FIFA Football or FIFA Soccer, is a series of football video games, released by EA Sports.

I had my first experience playing FIFA in the year 1996 on a personal computer where, if I am not wrong, is the first series to feature real-time 3D graphics since its inception in 1993. I remembered that the 1996 series had a simple game play with very few controls – the arrow buttons to control the direction of the players’ movement, “A” button to pass and “D” button to shoot. I couldn’t remember if there is a button for sprinting though. Scoring goals was definitely a piece of cake. You can take a shot within the opponent’s half and score. Scoring, with headers from crosses and corners, is a breeze too.

Over the years, as technology progresses, so do the quality of the graphics. As the years go by, the graphics and the game play got more realistic – the players can do all sorts of skills and dribbling, the tackling got more harder, it is much more difficult to score and the players’ features are akin to real life. Even the weather and the chanting of fans in the stadium got more realistic. Sometimes, it is hard to tell if you are playing the game or watching a “live” match. Gone were the days where you could just randomly shoot from anywhere and score. Nowadays, the game play emphasized more on skills of players and team’s possession to win…..and a bit of luck, I should add.

As we fast forward to 2016, FIFA will be releasing the FIFA 17 series to North America and the rest of the world in 2 months’ time, on 27 September and 29 September respectively. FIFA gamers like myself will be looking forward to the release. The game play will have new features such as the Active Intelligence System where it increases off the ball activity and changes the way players move, read and react. Another new feature in the game is the New Attacking Techniques where there will be new options in attack to give players more ways to create chances and finish in front of goal. Till then, I will be waiting for the release with much anticipation.

It’s 2 months to go to FIFA 17’s release. Click here to pre-order FIFA 17 today!



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