Opinion: Rude Foreign Talents

The video above shows of an Ang Moh cyclist, probably in his late 30s or early 40s, spitting on the windscreen of a driver who was attempting to make a left turn into one of the estates along River Valley Road. 

These are what some netizens off Stomp's homepage are saying of it:-

Ang Moh spits on windsreen
Foreigner Spits on Windscreen

The video and the comments of netizens from Stomp's FB page speaks for itself. My opinion? Not all foreign talents are bad. I'm pretty sure most of us have been in an interaction with foreigners by now. We've all grown accustomed to the sight of ang mohs trodding about with their families in tow, and we're totally fine with that. But these bad eggs, ill-mannered numbskulls, are always causing a stir in our community and appearing to be the overlords of our colonial past.

Now, before we jump making further conclusions, take a look at this one:-

chinawoman dig nose singapore

Shiok Sial.

First thoughts to my head when I first saw this off AllSingaporestuff.com, I went "Puahhhh cb". The point I'm trying to emphasize here is that everyone hates changes. Who likes changes? Do you? Sure, you can say that change is a necessity in life, to spur growth and development, but the bottom line- it makes anyone uncomfortable.

Uncomfortability is common, its like going to a new school, getting transferred to a different department, and it works both ways, its a two-way road dudes.

A Look at Statistics

And the dynamics that's driving it:-

overall_population Singapore

Overall Population of Singapore, 2017. Source: DOS


Chart of Overall Population of Singapore, 2017. Source: DOS

The Bitter Truth Us Singaporeans Have to Accept

If we don't want to end up like the Japanese, where they outrightly reject immigration, I'm afraid that we'll see our retirement ages increased further than the current retirement of 62, or see ourselves or our kids for that matter carrying the burden of supporting us when we grow old, then we gotta suck it up and let the government carry out the long term planning of Singapore. 

Continuous Education

Or propaganda that some of you will call it

Is for the ruling party -  and I say these for any party that is/will be in power,  to educate foreigners before they arrive in Singapore to work/live in. Make it mandatory for companies to impart this knowledge before their new staff arrives. Make it compulsory for SPGs with their ang moh' boyfriends to educate their beaus that to live in Singapore, there's a high requirement in order for them to be accepted in our society. It's quite simple really, you don't arrive at someone elses' home and not prepare yourself for it right?. You've gotta know how to dress up, have proper table manners, watch the way you speak and munch during your meal- its the same goddammit. 

Now lemme get back to my netflix please. Thank you.

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