How To Find a Job in Singapore

How To Find a Job in Singapore

Job satisfaction in subjective. If you're reading this article you're likely belonging to three different groups of people;

  1. You're in retrenchment.
  2. You're a foreigner looking to work here in our little island.
  3. You're thinking of getting out of that shitty job you're stuck in.

Either way, you're looking for other job opportunities that you can possibly find here in Singapore. 

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The Great Myth 

Of being an Academic Wizzard

When we were all growing up, we're used to the phrases like;

"Son, study hard, and you'll have no problems finding jobs later in the future"

Personally, I find that quite untrue. The Singapore education system with all its merits, backed by all its educational institutions like NUS, NTU, and the local polytechnics, doesn't really have a near 100% rate of getting all its graduates landing jobs within their first 6-12 months upon graduating. In fact, I've heard that some graduates are desperate to land a job, ANY job, that they can't event do so as they're over-qualified for the job that they applied for! Some of you may argue that its the work of our government's policies for being so lenient on accepting foreign talents- that's causing our own Singaporeans to be crunched out, but, let's not take on that argument for now shall we?

The great myth or belief that academic qualifications matter so much is subjective nowadays that countless of vacant positions are requesting for "experience in xxx industry" is a criteria for a candidate to even qualify to stand a chance for an interview. 

Quality in Networking

"Let's see if I can hook something up for ya, I'll put in a word for ya with my business contact"

We've heard that many times too. And it matters. If you have someone who can recommend your special set of skills or services, luck may be swinging your way soon. More often that not, recommendations from a business associate related to that uncle or friend of yours may just land you that dream job of yours. The remarkable part about this is that prospective employers may not be even be looking to hire when they're being pushed to take a look in the recommendation. So don't be afraid to ask around for recommendations when you're finding for a new job in Singapore, or any part of the world for that matter.

On the other hand, if you're not the lucky chap who has connections. Make your own connections. Attend networking events, attend every gathering that you can find(obviously you have to know the attendees in order to attend those gatherings lah). Another point to consider is of your virtually presence. Many sales pitches goes by the saying "Make money while you sleep". Its kinda same for this where "make your dream job happen while you sleep". Potential employers, recruiters, and talent scouts pore through online job portals in search of their perfect candidate and you have to ensure that you're being seen aye.

One thing to note however are for insurance agent recruiters and multi-level marketing sales people. They'll prey on your need for a job and sell you the idea of getting rich and endless possibilities of earning much more than you can imagine. And the catch is; you have to meet quotas before you get your salary/commissions.I am sorry that I have to include these two industries in this article, but I have been victims of both, twice of it being in the insurance industry and failed. Yeah twice. I'm a sucker I know. 

Quantity in Sending Out Applications

Maybe you're some the nephew of some rich or well connected uncle, and great for you if you manage to land that interview. For the rest of us who are struggling every single day, what we gotta do on a regular basis is basically spamming. We shoot out dozens of emails to head hunters, we attend numerous preliminary interviews with job recruiters, we scour the classifieds section every day from Straights Times that sometimes we have to dig coins out from our drawers just to fork out the cost of that newspaper! 

When dependency on having connections to recommend us a job fails, we forsake that idea and turn to quantity in numbers just to net that single interview. But it does work. There's a saying I came across a few days back which goes along the lines of;

"Where talent is scarce, you make it up with sheer hard work".

I can't recall the exact phrasing,but it's somewhat similar to that. [Editor's note: Do let me know if you guys manage to find the correct quote in the comments section please!]

In gist, keep on applying, and never give up, and one day you efforts shall bear fruit.

Passing The Interview

Because First Impressions Count

Congrats! You've made it thus far. You've cruised past the other road blocks in your journey to get you here, but don't pat yourself on the back just yet dude. You still gotta impress the interviewer! Don't worry, I got you covered on this area. Think of it as polishing your charm to a great shine before that meeting.



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