Crossroads in between – Part 1

Right turn. Stop. Drive on.

*Sounds of notes being scribbled on sheets of paper*.

Young officer: “Sir, what was that road before this ah? Coronation what

Older Officer: “Coronation Road West. Make sure you jot it down properly

Young Officer “Yes Sir.

The memories of being in the white car with flashing blue and red lights are still etched in my memory. Missed the feeling of my pulse racing from normal to almost 120 bpm when rushing to the aid of a downed officer or a person in distress.

That was 2012. And after seven years in law enforcement, I decided to hang up my uniform and pursue another trade.

Now I’m out running sales call, appointments after appointment. In the routine of a life insurance agent in Singapore, it’s not easy. Heck, it’s never easy in sales. I sometimes think about car salesmen, or those who work at Gain City selling tele-sets. How do they do it? How do they survive and what makes them tick? Sometimes it struck me; “why did I ever leave the force where I had stable income every month?!

Why did I make the switch one asks? Its this. The value of life.

Whenever I was called upon to an incident that requires Police assistance, it had to be a tale of two stories, where one was the perp, and the other, the vic. And there would always be grievances between any one party. Most times, other than not, these incidents end in amicable but bitter ends. Sometimes it does not.

Imagine yourself, frantically trying to revive a dead loved one who had just hung himself.  The thoughts in your head “Pa… Why did you do this, why did you?

Imagine yourself, beating on the shoulders of the attending officer who’s trying to revive your elderly dad, and you blaming the officer for not responding to your cries and pleas for comfort.

I was the officer that was on my knees, elbows locked and pumping to counts of 50 and making sure that my compressions would not break a rib, even a miss-count of a breath of air would mean that much oxygen deprivation to the vic’s brain.

When paramedics take over, the hollow cries of pain-the loss of life of a loved one continues.

My work ended there. I was powerless to provide with the fateful family with more assistance. I was not even able to exercise whatever powers I had been vested with my the state to pull that family out of their misery, to ensure that their lives goes on.

Here at AXA Insurance, and as a financial consultant. I make sure that I am able to fulfil the void that I was not able to in my previous career.

If you’re looking for professional advise on how to fill the gaps in your family’s income and to ensure that the young ones are able to carry on with their lives- even when you’re gone, don’t hesitate to drop me a call at 8282-0403.




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