Perfumes for Men

Looking for the perfect perfume?

It could be your partner’s birthday coming up, or a farewell gift to a colleague. You’re cracking your brains to the gut trying to come up with a gift idea. If perfumes or fragrances are in your short list, let us help with the decision making on selecting the perfect perfume for your man or lady. We promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

Jo Malone. Chanel, Davidoff. These are the most frequent names of fragrances that pop up in my head. All perfumes smell nice and nice- belonging to the category of good scents. We’re not denying that there are some bad and pungent smelling fragrances that really really suck to the core and sting to your nose. That being said,the reason why it may appear appealing to you but smackingly smelly to me is that each and every perfume differs from one person’s taste to another. It’s suited to a person’s personality and…. simply preference. It’s like you like take the bus, but I love taking the MRT instead- although the breakdowns are so jia lat nowadays sia.

How do you select the perfect fragrance?

Now you’re in a fragrance store, sniffing your nose at all your hands can get on on the shelves. More often than not, you’re served by a sales assistant who will try to at least sell your something off their shelf. But, trust me, your nose will be deceiving you after all those countless sniffs from different brands.

I’d like to quote an experience that I had recently.

Frangrance Du Bois boutique, Fullerton Hotel
A boutique in its own class and grandeur.

I was at this boutique in Fullerton Hotel, called Fragrance Du Bois, a French brand here in Singapore, and I was completely blown away by the staff who were tending to the store. First up, they will not immediately hound you by tailgating your every move in the boutique, but from a comfortable distance-ever so ready to lend a helping hand if I ever need assistance. This is what I liked about comfort proximity. After browsing two to three perfumes, amazed by the merchandising and the splendor of the boutique design, I knew I needed help with the introduction.

The lady who helped me was Rynna, who greeted me pleasingly with a warm smile, asking me if I was here on a domestic visit or as a tourist(its the Fullerton, so I bet they receive loads of tourists, and her question whether I was a tourist or local was valid laaaa) before introducing me their brand. She chuckled and apologized as she wanted to be sure if I was indeed a tourist. This was all standard procedures if you’d ask me. No problemo. But, here’s the little thing. By the time I got to the question; “I’m trying to find the right perfume for my girlfriend”. And she said, “that that shouldn’t be too difficult, but please let me perform a demonstration first

The demonstration.

Ahhhh. Was to mimic that I was the one interested in getting a fragrance myself, and she instinctively recommended a fragrance that was situated not far from where I was standing. I took a sniff, and instantly fell in love with it!!! I asked her how did she know that this perfume would suit me perfectly and her answer was magnifique…. and cute.

Your question was going to be; ‘which fragrance do you think would suit me best?’ right?”-She quipped.

From the conversation that we had earlier, she managed to deduce that I was a local, having an outdoor job as my work involves meeting alot of people, and I struck to her as a modestly mannered person coupled with a warmth sense of humor after getting comfortable with my conversationalist.

She had just done a personality test on me, and based on that, she picked out the best perfume that she thought would suit me well.

Say goodbye to your clutch bag that stores your perfume

Oud oil, fragrance du bois
This small bottle of oil costs at least a grand each!!!

Now, the next question which begs is the longevity of the perfume. Most perfume fades after some time upon application. But Fragrance Du Bois perfumes contain a special element in their fragrances that’s called Oud.

Have you ever wished, or thought about why certain perfume could last for a few hours and some other can last throughout the day? This is your answer peeps.

So say goodbye to your clutch bag that you used to store your perfume bottles, and say hello to this new range of perfumes.







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