If you loved our Black Knights, so will you with the Red Arrows

We love red, and hence we love the Red Arrows.

Here’s a riddle. What cuts the blue skies, crackles and boom while doing so?

You’re strapped in your seat, buckled in tight, seated next to the window seat, hearing the silent hum of Rolls-Royce made engines that lifts a huge man-made structure soaring in our skies. Just moments ago you were just served ice cold tea from the sweet smiling stewardess who looked gorgeous in her little red tunic uniform.

Further down the aisle and gazing into the cockpit area, you see two white-uniformed men-they too buckled in their seats and ahead of them, the view of the world wide world, not to mention the array of controls, and switches that are right under their noses.

Being a Pilot of a commercial aircraft is already quite a skill that are the envy of many. Being a fighter Pilot is the envy of  many commercial Pilots. At least in accordance to my cousin who is a Pilot with Silkair. He has tried numerous times to be a fighter Pilot with the RSAF, but alas, he didn’t make the cut.

Speaking about Pilots, planes and skills, made me think of the Black Knights display last year as they were roaring past Marina Bay Sands skyline. Anddddddd, for the fighter craft enthusiasts, if you missed that theatrics for whatever reason, allow me to introduce you that , you’re in for another treat of fire prowess 😁


13th of October 2016, Thursday.

Set your alarms and reminders peeps. The Red Arrows of the British Royal Airforce will be in town, and will be circling the skies above Marina Bay Sands at 12 noon. The whole spectacle is expected to take about 30 minutes.

RAF Red Arrows in Singapore
The Royal Air Force Aerobatic team The Red Arrows. Credits: Ministry of Defence,UK

What will be they doing exactly you ask? We’d say that you’ll have to be there yourself to watch the display, but what we gathered from the British High Commission is that they will be making their entry from Sentosa, making their way to the vicinity of Marina Bay Sands where they will be showcasing their famous Diamond 9 formations in streaming white smoke.

They’ll showcase their maneuvers for about half and hour before making their way to Paya Lebar Airbase, where they will be stationed at.

This is gonna be a bit of a different route of entry compared to the Black Knights. If you guys remembers correctly, the Black Knights came in from the direction of Tanjong Rhu and onward to MBS area, so…. don’t be a gong-chi and wait along the wrong area eh.

Why are the Red Arrows here?

As part of the team’s visit to the Middle East and Asia-including countries like China, India and Malaysia, they Red Arrows will be taking part in programmes that promotes the good relations in Singapore, aimed at increasing trade and investment as well as to be a part of Rolls-Royce STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Event at the company’s Seletar Campus.

At the Rolls-Royce facility, they will be interacting with members of the public, mostly invited students in the hope of spurring young talents to pursue studying their craft.

Look out for them when they’re here in Singapore and don’t forget to include the hashtags:

  • #RedArrowsinSG
  • #TLRB
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See you guys on the ground!








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