Singapore Government restricts sponsors for Pink DOT

Foreign entities should not fund, support events like Pink Dot: MHA

And the hammer has came down on the most liberal, or so we thought, event that Singapore has ever experienced in recent years.

Ministry of Home Affairs restrict foreign funding for Pink DOT SingaporeThe annual Pink Dot event, where the last being last weekend at the Speakers Corner in Hong Lim Park, will have its hands tied even tighter in terms of sponsorship and funding now.

JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and BP are some of the companies that have been supporting the movement, with Apple, Facebook and General Electric joining the club at the recent Pink Dot 2016, but of course, the government had to step in to curb the rising influence of this movement.

Why would the government restrict support in this movement?

According to their statement published in Channel NewsAsia, they claim that it is up to Singaporeans to showcase their cause on their own way without the funding and support of external factors intervening their objective. To quote:-

The Government’s general position has always been that foreign entities should not interfere in our domestic issues, especially political issues or controversial social issues with political overtones. These are political, social or moral choices for Singaporeans to decide for ourselves. LGBT rights issues are one such example

I do agree to a certain extent that preventive measures have to be taken by the government, so as not to have external factors subtly influencing our way of life that do not go hand-in-hand with our values and long time peace. And this could be potentially be a problem for the peace in Singapore.

Lets think of this from a different perspective:-

Riots in the middle east
The Arab Spring

Lets say the Singapore Government doesn’t bat an eye lid and allows unlimited funding for Pink Dot, or even any other controversial event for that matter, the organizers would potentially be able to create a disturbance to fund small groups of activists to show their resentment towards the Government, Section 377A of the Penal Code for instance- which caused a huge uproar recently in the LGBT fraternity. And what would, or could possibly, spark from this harmless group of activists? Think the Arab Spring that erupted in countries such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt.  And look at the state of Syria and Egypt right now. Its chaos there!

Adolf Hitlet of Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler

I personally have no qualms against the LGBT movement, heck I even have friends from the group! Its just the matter of them not being misled or misguided, just like Adolf Hitler cajoling his country men into World War 2.

Do we want our peaceful Singapore to end up in the same way as our neighbors in the Middle East? I fret not.

Freedom of speech has its rewards and its consequences, similarly with what we do in our choices in life everyday. It’s a double edged sword.

What is your take on the Government’s stand on restricting foreign funding? And why?



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