Stepping into the life of a cab driver in Singapore

So today I’m gonna spill the beans just a little for you folks out there. I’ve recently signed up to be a cab driver here in Singapore, and I was really really torn between choices on which company to choose. There are a total of seven different taxi companies in Singapore competing for taxi bookings country wide, and I finally had my pick. Which one did I pick? And why did I pick it?

Why did Pak Nasir decide to become a Cab Driver

Bored kitty
Kaia bored.

Perhaps some of you are gasping, or surprised why I decided to be a cab driver. Here’s why. Too much spare time to spare on my plate. I had so much time lazing at home, doing nothing but brainstorming and brainstorming on what to do next on my blog, that I’ve exhausted so much of my brain juice on countless of topics to blog about, that even my cat, Kaia, gets bored at me being at home so much. lol. 

And so, after much deliberation, I took up the taxi driver vocational course at the Taxi Academy, and went through with the process. And voila, it brought me to this very day.

I just opened up my letter box to the news of getting my taxi driver license being approved, and I’m geared to start my stint as a cab driver next week! How cooooooool is that la sia. I never imagined myself to be a cab driver one day to be honest.

The chosen Cab Driver Company

There are a total of seven different taxi companies here in Singapore:-

  1. Comfort
  2. CityCab
  3. SMRT Taxi
  4. TransCab
  5. Premier Taxi
  6. Silver Cab
  7. Prime Taxi

For a more detailed information regarding the taxi companies, you can visit here.

Comfort by far has the largest fleet size with over 10,000 taxis plying our roads, and whats more, they co-own CityCab, which has a fleet size of about 5000 cabs. And so that makes Comfort the biggest in Singapore.

SMRT comes in next with a much smaller margin than that of Comfort/CityCab,running with about 3,000 taxis on the road,but this red company is growing very well.

The rest have a fleet size of under 1000, so they have quite a fight to unearth the rest of the major players in the taxi industry.

There’s a Roman saying though- that the bigger the army, the more unruly it gets. And form what I gathered, the saying suggests so with Comfort. I was at my taxi course lessons, and there was a huge number of defects-former drivers from Comfort who had jumped shipped to the company I will be with- and they had very bad feedback of their former boss.

Nasty Customer
Nasty Customer

I’m pretty sure most of us has ever encountered nasty clients, customers, patients(if you’re a nurse) or complainants(if you’re Police Officer). And the most devastating thing to upset your morale is when your company/management, isn’t taking your side and instead adopting the mindset that the customer is always right. And yea, this was the vibe I got from 4 out of five of the former Comfort drivers I was talking to. Thank god I steered clear of such a regimental company. 7 years of being in a uniform group was enough for me lah.

SMRT thus far has struck to me as possessing very good and quality staff. From the taxi academy where there were representatives from Comfort and SMRT, Comfort came out in full force, their reps clad in yellow polo tees, parading the corridors of the classrooms in attempt to poach possible new recruits into their cause. While SMRT reps were sheepishly standing, poised and ever-smiling, never seemingly to be so hard-selling. Only when a potential recruit approached them then did they conditioned themselves to be in a resourceful state.

I was lucky enough to meet Zoe. A very eloquent woman, young, but very very knowledgeable in her knowledge of the taxi industry. From the moment I saw her, I knew that SMRT had trained their staff well to be courteous and humble, and that was what appealed to me- a management which was

I did my research though on most of the other companies, but I was already sold already to join SMRT as a partner. And Zoe impressed me further by seamlessly bringing me throughout the process of the registration, booking of my classes, securing a vehicle, and she remained contactable 24/7 by giving her personal mobile phone! Service at its best! Do contact me if you’d ever like to get in touch with Zoe. I can assure you with all the branding of this blog that she is the best person to get in touch with to introduce the taxi industry to you.









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