Taboos to avoid during the Hungry Ghost Festival

A elderly Chinese woman feeding the ghosts of her dead ancestors
A elderly Chinese woman feeding the ghosts of her dead ancestors
Incense Sticks, offerings for the dead
Incense Sticks, offerings for the dead

The following taboos even reached the beliefs of the other races and religions, even mine ?:-

  1. Refrain from strolling at night. It’s believed that the wandering spirits may lust to return to the living and may try to possess the living.
  2. Don’t swim. It is said that drowned evil ghosts might try to drown people in order to find victims for them to rebirth. So try to avoid uhhh Bedok Reservoir, Clarke Quay River, and Changi Beach, alot of people were killed there during the WWII period.
  3. As the month is considered to be inauspicious, don’t move to a new house, start new businesses or marry.
  4. Don’t hang clothes outside at night.
  5. Do not pick up coins or money found on the street and if one does, never bring any home.
  6. Do not step on or kick the offerings by the roadside. If one were to step on any offerings by accident, he or she should apologize aloud to ameliorate the situation. Omg I do this alot whenever I accidentally step on the spent wax of candle offerings.
  7. Do not wear red because ghosts are attracted to red.
  8. Don’t sing and whistle as these may attract ghosts.
  9. Keep away from the walls as it is believed that ghosts like sticking to walls.
  10. If someone is born during the ghost month, avoid celebrating birthday at night. It’s better to celebrate during the daytime. So plan your next child properly k. Must be swee swee 9 months one.
  11. Do not go out at 12 midnight as the ghost may approach you for food and other offerings for them.



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