Themed Dragon Boat Races, DBS Marina Regatta

Itching to know what will be so different about the Dragon Boat races that’s taking place this weekend at the DBS Marina Regatta 2016? Well, apart from the usual races, there will be THREE categories that the organizers will be implementing on to the races, and its not for the competitive participants— well not really la, any race, everyone also competitive.

SPCA Volunteers will be in dragonboat races DBS Marina Regatta
NGO Volunteers like the SPCA
The First Category

Singapore Finest Paddle Off! – This category is meant for current or past National Athletes of OTHER sports. So not necessarily Dragon Boat masters will be in here ah.

The Second Category

Society Gladiators – As the name implies. Its for the super-on saikang volunteers who have nothing better to do on the weekends than being with their family. This category will be comprising mostly of  Singapore-based voluntary welfare organisations or non-governmental ones as well.

The Third Category
Pioneer Generation Dragon Boat Race!!
Our lovely Pioneer Generation!

Prime Warriors – Officially it reads for participants above 45 years old. //Keep on changing the terms for our Pioneer Generation ah. Pioneer say pioneer la, Prime Warriors pulak//

Things you gotta know about the themed races:-

Sadly there is NO SLOT for the rest of the public. So if you don’t fall in the categories of the FIT and professional soccer player-kinda, nor a Saikang-warrior, nor a Pioneer Generation uncle or auntie. Bo Pian. Watch only lor.

Date and Time for these themed events:-

  • 28th May @ 3.15PM to 4.45PM



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