Why blogging?

There are many professions that people undertake in this world. As kids, we dreamed about being a doctor, being a pilot. Firefighter. Police Officer(got this checked though). Did anyone dreamed of being a writer? A journalist? Why blogging then?

Perhaps it was for the thrill of it. Or the ambition to have a stake in the spotlight. Or perhaps it was just a yearning feeling to voice my opinions freely. As a boy I used to keep a diary that I would write in everyday, to a certain extent, but that evolved into online blogging. It was blogger that I used to write on back then. Then I stopped.

Chiara Ferragni Advertising!
The Blonde Salad

Fast forward a decade, many things have changed in the blogosphere. Armed with social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, what have you- bloggers rule this world. Heck, bloggers get invited to new boutique openings nowadays, an alternative, and sometimes cheaper, publicity to billboards and magazines I’d say.

Look at Chiara Ferragni for instance! She evolved from just blogging to super-model kinda, and she’s now raking in millions and enjoying the vacation lifestyle by traveling the globe to promote brands!

Hell, why do all the super-famous has to have a certain set of assets? It has to comprise,if not all, of the following:-

  1. Ravishing good looks
  2. A singer has to have a good voice
  3. Humor

It just boils down to a compilation of any of those and voila. You’re set to go.

But wait.

Statistically, 8 out of 10 businesses fail in the first eighteen months from the time they start! That’s a crashing 80% burn!!! Find out why businesses fail and what makes them tick.

So what do you have to set yourself apart from your competition?

I initially started this blog as an offshoot of WeThinkLife.com. It was supposedly to be a contact page-and go to resource for my clients and peers alike- for my Life Insurance business. And after rounds of spurred ambition, and setbacks, TheLittleRedBlog.sg was born.

I go by the pseudo name of Pak Nasir(^PNBalloon on Apple iOS 9.3) in the cyber world. For those who know me, congratulations. Please remain in my circle of trust.

I hope to bring a different view of news reporting which are unbiased for the people of Singapore.

Just to quote the very first line in our National Anthem.

” Mari kita rakyat Singapura
Sama-sama menuju bahagia….”

Bahagia means happiness in Malay. And that’s what I would like to achieve too from the strokes of my keyboard. To spread awareness and preserving the core spirit of the Singaporean identity.

For those who wish to contact me and my team, do drop me an email personally via Nasir@TheLittleRedBlog.sg

Cheerios People!

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