The Emergency Labour Pack For Parents

The Emergency Labor Pack

Don't Wait Till Little Junior Arrives

It was around 9 in the morning when I had just arrived back home from a 12 hour night shift duty and had just propped onto my bed when I was awakened by her;


Still drowsy from my slumber, I forced my eyes opened to see what was happening; to my horror, yes to my horror, water was dripping from her thighs down to the ground so fast and so much that a puddle was forming on the floor of the room.

Now, this is where all hell broke loose. We were rushing, no one had no idea what to, and everyone in the house was grabbing whatever clothes they could wear, and the next thing we know we were on the way to K.K Hospital with just one intention in mind, to get to the delivery room a.s.a.p.

My first child, was arriving into our world.

Caught Unprepared
Better to be Prepared Than Never

Most parents-to-be, are so busy planning for the scenario after the baby is born, not during the delivery of the baby. I'll try to relate my tale to you folks here, and how you can prevent behaving and looking like goons when your little one arrives.

Little did we know that such a simple matter by not preparing for the arrival of our baby, we were not prepared to deal with matter such as preparing basic necessities such as clothing, not only for the impending arrival of our son, but for the 2 days 1 night stay in the hospital.

(1) Documentation
Hospital Staff Make Errors too....

This is the one of the first few things you need to pack in your Emergency Labor Pack. It goes without saying, that you need to be tagged as the rightful parents to your child-in-waiting and also to save the hospital staff a huge headache when handling other babies in their care. There was a case of children being swapped mistakenly a few years back in K.K Hospital, thankfully they managed to get things sorted out soon after the parents brought the wrong baby back home.

Things you will need to pack:

Your NRIC, birth certificates of both yourself and your spouse, Certificate of Marriage, insurance

(2) Clothing
Prepare for a night or two stay

Prepare for a night or two stay in the hospital, we wouldn't know how long you'll be in labor, personally, the whole delivery for my ex-wife took 8 hours till the little fella popped out. We were quite lucky that we only had to stay in the hospital for the night, but for a few others might take a night or two extra. And there's the C-section scenario where you'll take longer than normal deliveries do. So prepare for at least 2 nights of stay in the hospital is my advise.

(3) Miscellaneous
To Stay Recharged and Connected

Charger for hand phones

Speakers for relaxing moments(helps the baby to sleep and maybe you and your spouse)

Sleep Aids - Eye masks and ear buds

Toiletries -  Quite explanatory.

(4)For the New Mom
For Her Comfort.

I call this next item the bagel cushion. It's the kind where you put it around the waste of the mom to aid her while breastfeeding her child, in that way the baby rests on the cushion without straining the mother to carry her baby all the time.

Breast Pump. Painful if not pumped out.

Nipple wipes.

A scarf/long napkin to cover mom while breastfeeding

(5) Petty Cash

Do not wait till the last minute where you'll have to find an ATM machine; you might not be fortunate to find that the ATM might be having a bad day; that was what happened to me. I didn't have cash on me, and to make matters worse, I was unable to find a working OCBC ATM machine!! I had to travel across the hospital, which was a 10 minute walk away. Save precious time by cutting down on unnecessary trips and unforeseen circumstances. Withdraw some cash well in advance and keep it in your E-pack.

(6) Special Assignments

Rope in A Family or a Friend to Assist.

Again, another topic that always blindsides most of us.  Assign someone to be a designated driver for at least two days. Try to refrain from taking on many roles on the arrival of your little one. Why?

You'll be too swamped with many roles on the arrival of your little one. You and your spouse will be going through a grueling time in labor, you'll have to be running downstairs at the registration counter to get your baby's child certificate done, you'll be traveling back and forth to the baby care area and back to your room, and you'll be overwhelmed by visitors around the clock! 

On that note; the assigned driver can also be assigned to be a visit coordinator. This sounds like too much for anyone to plan or do, but trust me, I wish someone had taken over the role of coordinating with family and friends to assign their visiting hours.

To further illustrate my point. Why do people have wedding planners? It's such a painstaking process, you and your bride/groom have to do a hell lot of things, it's much easier to just have a wedding planner coordinating things ain't it? Well, why can't we have the same role when expecting a baby?  

(7) For the Baby

‚Äč The Most Important To Pack For. That's the whole point of the E-Pack!

Pretty much explanatory for this sub-section. Again, on a personal experience, after the doctor and the midwife successfully delivers a baby, their job is pretty much done! And then the job of caring for your baby starts henceforth.

The hospital will provide new babies with a small amount of milk formulas, diapers, but not stuff like baby oil if they experience pain in their tummy, rashes if their bum get too red or itchy from the diapers. Download our free check-list here.

On the fence whether you think you're ready to be a parent?

We compiled a quiz for you to see if you're game for it. We made it short and sweet in a form of 7-8 questions, and you'll get your results on the spot! What's more, you can download our complete parenting checklist so that you can tick off against the points as soon as you have accomplished an item.

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Still Figuring Out What Goes in The E-Pack?

We got you covered.

We compiled it all in a simple list. 

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