Getting Pregnant in 6 Easy Steps

Getting Pregnant in 6 Easy Steps

The Right, Safe and Cost Effective Way

You're probably well in your late twenties or thirties, and like the rest of the majority people out there, you might be planning to start a family of your own, but this question always arises in our minds; 

"How Do I Get Pregnant?".


Some follow up questions would be like, "Would I be a good a parent?" or "What are the essentials needed when expecting a first born?

Fret not. We'll try to help out in those areas in this blog post, or the next, which will include tips like:-

  • 1
    Setting a conducive environment to prepare for that little one.
  • 2
    What time of the day would be appropriate to have intercourse to induce pregnancy.
  • 3
    A dietary plan that you will find fitting for your schedule.
  • 4
    Determining whether a gynecologist is dependable, or not. The safety of your child depends on it!
  • 5
    Debunking the myths in getting pregnant. 
  • 6
    Why IVF treatment is a major cause of this dreaded disease among women.

Why a Conducive Environment is Important

If you're thinking of having a decent and neat home as a "conducive environment" - - you're partially correct.

What we mean is the physical aspects of a home, and the spiritual side of it. And spiritually we further mean by having a stable relationship/marriage with your other half and maintaining a healthy exchange of conversations, basically, a relationship where there are no crazy moments where the both of you are trying to rip each other throats out.

Quick checklist:-

  • Are you really both really in love with one another to start a family?
  • Do you have frequent misunderstandings such as unfounded jealousies?
  • Are you able to weather any misunderstandings amicably or in a constructive manner?

To promote a conducive environment in your household, start of with your mind and body first. It is important to ensure that you're in the right frame of mind before you start helping your partner out.

With the following points, try to keep in your mind the 21-day rule which will break or make all habits;

  • 1
    Maintaining a good manner of speaking/conversation with your other half.
  • 2
    Treating everyone around you with respect.
  • 3
    Try to change yourself for the better, developing better habits.
  • 4
    Exercise patience, even when anyone else hurls shit at you.

The four above points will evolve you into a better-mannered person, one who is patient and treating others nicely all around. There is also a program you might be interested in to develop good and positive habits.

To maintain a healthy body try;

  • 1
    Practicing any form of exercise, yoga for instance. ["What Type of Yoga is Best for Pregnant Women?"]
  • 2
    Meditate, prayers for people of a certain faith are also a form of meditation.
  • 3
    Eating promptly and having a good form of dietary consumption(More on dieting below.)

What Time of The Day is Best to Impregnate?

Infertility is always a main course of worry for every couple planning for a child, it can be a hit or miss at certain times. And there is no specific timing to get under the sheets, instead it's more of being stress free that might prohibit your mind from conceiving. We'll cover more of this later in the section below when we talk more about options you can take to promote fertility. But let's put that aside for now, and see what we can do for those who are the types of ""one-shot-one-kill(not all of us belong in this category yeah )". 

According to WebMD, that in general, it's not entirely tuned to the exact hour or minute to get in the sheets, but the best chance that you can get pregnant is roughly within a week before your period. 

Getting Pregnant in 6 easy steps

A Planned Diet Shouldn't Be Costly.

Dietary Plan for pregnant women

Choosing the right diet plan for your pregnancy

Ever thought of toning your body to a beautifully sculpted figure? There's a saying in body-building; "The workout is only 20%, but your food intake is 80%". It's the same going when you're planning for a baby. 

You'll need lots, and lots of protein intake. Meat and fish are the food that you can never go wrong. Lots of vegetables too, so you've gotta stuff down the green. Easy right? And hey, it's vegetarian! Check out this nutrition plan that you can't go wrong with.

Choosing The Right Gynecologist.

This has to be high on anyone's list if you ask me. Personally, my ex-wife's doctor was a female, and I felt much more comfortable that it was a woman handling matters pertaining to my ex-wife's condition butttt let's jump back to the bandwagon of having a slightly over-jealous partner and let's say you'd have a doctor-gender preference, this would be a great deciding factor.

Putting our jealous nodes aside, some couples don't really mind whether it is a male or female doctor - - as long as they are comfortable with it, and of course if the doctor has had prior experience dealing with delivering babies. Imagine that you will be going through regular check-ups, and seen by a doctor who will be with you for at least 9 months and the few months after delivery, you'll have to have chemistry to him/her! Ultimately it is the doctor that will be pulling your child out! So be nice!

Pregnancy Myths - - Debunked.

In Singapore itself, there are so many myths(or pantang-larangs as the Malays like to call it) such as:-

  • Avoiding animal carcasses
  • Not allowed to cut/pry open crabs
  • Not sitting near the entrances to doorways or stairs of a house
  • Do not observe a moon eclipse

All those are just myths from old/folklore tales when our forefathers were still living in the kampong days. The list goes on than just the four mentioned above but to put it into contrast with modern science, there has been NO scientific backings for any of the myths!

Is IVF Safe For Both Baby And Mother?

Back on the topic of infertility. A bulk of couples nowadays are turning to IVF treatment to aid them in their bid for a child after exhausting all other means. But have they?

The bold truth? IVF treatments can result in babies having birth defects. According to some experts, having a baby via in-vitro fertilization are more prone to developing congenital defects, which can prove to be a stressful situation for aspiring parents. This blog post covers quite a range of IVF side effects and what to expect if you ever do decide to go with this procedure. Alternatively you can try a program that has helped a great many of couples to conceive naturally without having the need to go under the knife(or syringe in this case). Go on and take a look at their site, it won't hurt we promise :p

in vitro fertilization

In -Vitra Fertilisation

On the fence whether you think you're ready to be a parent?

We compiled a quiz for you to see if you're game for it. We made it short and sweet in a form of 7-8 questions, and you'll get your results on the spot! What's more, you can download our complete parenting checklist so that you can tick off against the points as soon as you have accomplished an item.

Check out the 101 Parenting Checklist here

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