Ignoring Post Labor Care

​Ignoring Post Labor Care

Whenever I hear about my friends having kids, and after experiencing on my own what it is like to go through the first six months with an infant in the household, I always say;

"Welcome to The Realm of Sleepless Nights!"

Literally, it was a tremendous task on not only us as parents but for the entire members of the household. The constant crying at wee hours of the morning, and the challenge of waking up a few hours later for work.

Thank God that's over for now.

There are two main reason as to why you should pay special attention for your body after delivering your newborn baby.

1) To prepare you for your next child(when you and your spouse are ready that is).

2) The biological/physical and neurological dangers that may come along with not caring yourself post labor.

I still remember the time when my ex - wife had to belt her tummy area with a sarong, and the Malay makcik (lady in malay) who came to the house on a daily basis to massage my ex-wife. Then there was this thing that my ex-wife was instructed to do, and I found it funny -ridiculous in fact - the preparation of incense and thereafter standing over it, using the sarong to trap the rising incense smoke. That alone took about an hour. 

​It was only after that my former mother-in-law explained to me the purpose of each procedure:

​Belting of the Tummy 

During the 9 month pregnancy period, your organs, intestines are pushed up to make way for your growing baby in your womb, and the effect in doing so is slowww. But imagine once little junior pops out, there's vacuum in the womb and theoretically, your intestines and organs are in free fall(well not exactly free-falling la). Hence, the sarong to tie the belly area.

The Massage

Almost a similar reason to the tying of the belly area. It's to encourage the organs, intestines and blood circulation to fall back in their right places. It also gives your body a relaxing moment and an excuse to be away from your child for a moment- and trust me, it will be tiring.

The Incense Sarong Trap

hahhahha. I will laugh whenever the thought strikes my mind over that memory I have of my ex wife. Her standing over the burner and cowering into the sarong and letting the smoke resonate with her body with drips of perspiration dripping down her face....... sigh memories. This is usually done after the massage, and I'm not saying you should specifically get a makcik to help with these uh(but makciks are the best imho). Get any trained masseuse, and the positive side of doing this is, that the heat/warmth that comes from the burnt incense will further encourage your body to recirculate blood flow in your body.

Infections, And the Road to Becoming Insane

The second reason why you should always care for yourself (or your spouse) post delivery is because you may risk catching an infection which may turn into a long fought illness. And if you ever do wish to plan for more children, you even further risk them getting infected as well, either that or they'll be born with low immunity, biological deficiencies or even congenital effects, who knows! And any post natal blues could turn deadly if you choose to neglect basic care for yourself or your spouse.

Boost That Immunity! 

It's quite simple and whatever any site tell you to do, it's all summed up in three points:-

  • 1
    ​Watch what you eat
  • 2
    ​Develop a good sleeping pattern
  • 3

​And eating well means by having a good balance of protein, vitamins and green food. This blog post on everdayhealth does a good job by explaining what needs to be done to boost your immunity.

Stay Healthy, Slim, Happy Hubby, More Kids, Happy -  Repeat.

We'd like to throw in an extra piece of advise while we are on the topic of post labor care, this is not essential, but I think it is important to highlight this to prospective parents out there, and this is meant for mummies yep.

Dear mummies, when you get pregnant, you'll obviously get bigger when carrying that extra child aye? It's all fine with anyone if you're a little bigger for those 9 months; you ARE making a huge sacrifice, but after those 9 months, you'll have a choice to remain flabby with an un-toned body orrrrr, to get back in shape. 


Guys, are very visual creatures. Meaning, they prefer to be amazed at things they can see; touch and hold. And logically thinking, no matter how much love there can be among husband and wife, they will be times when the husband will have no lust for the wife if she turned super fat.

So how do you remedy it?

Go and exercise! Get back in shape! Get back the lust in your husbands hearts and minds! Get his saliva dripping again like you first met him!! Go take up a gym membership and hit the free weight areas!

Easy peesy.

On the fence whether you think you're ready to be a parent?

We compiled a quiz for you to see if you're game for it. We made it short and sweet in a form of 7-8 questions, and you'll get your results on the spot! What's more, you can download our complete parenting checklist so that you can tick off against the points as soon as you have accomplished an item.

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