Places for kids this June Holidays

Its the June school holidays again!!!! OMG, siaaaaaaaaaaaaan, some mom friends of ours are shitting in their pants trying to figure out what to do for ONE WHOLE MONTH with their kids! Waaa biaang.

Don’t worry k, TheLittleRedBlog is here to save those frown lines on your foreheads eh. So chill back and read on for 10 hand-picked places by the #TLRB team that comprises both outdoor and indoors treats for the little ones.

Number 10 – Qian Hu Fish Farm
Longkang Fishing
Longkang Fishing


  • Longkang Fishing
  • Farm Tour
  • Fish Spa
  • Create your very own Aquatic Mini Tank

Opening hours:– 9am to 6pm daily.

Address:71 Jalan Lekar, Sungei Tengah, 698950

Tel: 6766-7087


  • Longkang Fishing : $6/person for 30 minutes
  • Farm Tour : $3/child and $4/adult for 30-45 mins tour
  • Fish Spa: $5/child and $10/adult for 30 mins
  • Aquatic Mini-Tank: $15/pax
Number 9 – Farmart Centre
Farmart Centre Singapore
Farmart Centre Entrance


  • Animal Corner
  • Animal Feeding area
  • Farm Tours ; love the part where you get to watch chicken eggs hatching and a frog life-cycle!
  • Koi Fish Feeding
  • Awesome makan available for sale in their tuckshops

Opening hours:- 9am to 4pm(specially for school holiday season)

Address:- 67 Sungei Tengah Road, 699008

Tel:- 6767-0070

Prices:- $8/child and $6/adult *Yes you read that right, its more expensive for the little ones*

Number 8 – Kids Kampong @ Pasir Ris

**UPDATE:- Kids Kampong has been closed till further notice**

Kids Kampong Pasir Ris
Koi Pond- Kids Kampong, Pasir Ris


  • Longkang Fishing
  • Feeding of farm animals
  • Sea creatures discovery
  • Rod Fishing
  • Pet Show – you get to pet and caress little animals like hamsters, gerbil(look like squirrel) and rabbits!

Opening hours:- Saturdays, 10am – 7pm

Address:- No 11 Pasir Ris Farmway

Tel:- 6558-3903

Prices:- TBC

Number 7 – Snow City
Singapore's Snow City
Singapore’s Indoor Snow City

Attractions:- Experience life on the Artic where you can live in Igloos and experience snow sculptures

Opening hours:- 10am – 6pm daily

Address:- 21 Jurong Town Hall Road, near to Singapore Science Centre

Tel:- 6560-2306


1 hour snow
play session
(Single venue)
$12 per child For Singapore Citizens and Permanent residents
$15 per adult
$18 per child or adult For Non-Singaporeans
2 hours snow
play session
(Single venue)
$18 per child For Singapore Citizens and Permanent residents
$25 per adult
$23 per child
$28 per adult
For Non-Singaporeans
Add-on tickets for 1 hour snow play session only
$9 per child
($3 discount off)Certain discounts apply for Singapore Citizens,$11 per adult
($4 discount off)$14 per child/adult
($4 discount off)
Permanent residents, and Non- Singaporeans
Number 6 – Jacob Ballas Children Garden
Jacob Ballas at Bukit Timah
Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden @ Bt Timah


  • Sensory Garden
  • Potting of Plants Area
  • A sweet little bridge over a pretty stream
  • Water play area

Opening hours:- 8am to 7pm

Address:- 481 Bukit Timah Road,near to Duke-NUS Law School

Prices:- Free admission, but all children has to be accompanied by adults, and vice versa.

Number 5 – Go.Go Bambini!
Gogo bambini at Dempsey Hill Singapore
Go.Go Bambini for kids

Attractions:- Indoor Entertainment Centre for kids

Opening hours:- 9am – 7am daily

Address:- Blk 8 Dempsey Road #01-15, Dempsey Hill

Tel: 64740-4176

Prices:- $25 for unlimited play, kids must be at least 11 months old- 11 years old

Number 4 – WestGate Wonderland Outdoor Playground
Where to bring kids for this school holidays?
WestGate Wonderland Outdoor Playground

Attractions:- Largest rooftop mall playground in Singapore

Opening hours:- Standard Shopping Mall opening hours

Address:- Level 4, WestGate Shopping Mall

Prices:- Free Admission

Number 3 – Explorer Kids
Explorer Kids at Downtown East
Explorer Kids @ Downtown East

PS: One of our personal favorites. My little one will relentlessly and seemingly tirelessly go on and on at this indoor play area. Why I love it so much? Because when he gets home, my kid will zonk out easily. Cheat code on ?

Attractions:– Ever seen hamsters in their little treadmills? Expand it out a 1000x over, and you get this. Loads of ramps, tunnels and slides, they even feature a climbing wall with padding for your lil ones! And best of all, you can play tag with your spouse to look over the little one while you eye-power from the seating area. Swee-ness.

Opening hours:- 12pm-10pm


  • E!Hub @ Downtown East, 3rd Floor
  • Ang Mo Kio Hub #04-02

Tel: 6589-1668(E!Hub) 582-3326(AMK Hub)

Prices:- $28/2 hrs, $30/Unlimited Play – Best pricing strategy ever sia ?, chopped like carrot

Number 2 – Skyride & Luge @ Sentosa
Skyride and Luge at Sentosa
You’ll have to ride the skyride first then onto this Luge down to the end point

Attractions:- Take a ride UP that resembles one like a skiing resort-kinda seat attached to a conveyor belt to take a luge downhill thereafter. The luge moves forward by the down-sloping action upon pulling of the handlebars. Release to brake.

Opening hours:- 10am daily till late

Address:- 45 Siloso Beach Walk, SkyLine Sentosa

Prices:- $18/person – Luge & Skyride combo

Number 1 – Adventure Cove
Adventure Cove, Sentosa
Lifeguards in position @ Adventure Cove

Attractions:- Our best pick for this series of the June School Holidays hands down. This massive water-themed park is stacked with lots of different rides ranging from huge-ass slides, a pirate ships with nettings and water being sprayed all around, to swimming with the fishes or dolphins! Why we picked this as the best for this June holidays is because of the super-duper heat nowadays. You don’t have to worry about carrying a bottle of water as being wet all around- is hydrating enough! Just beware of the hot tiles when crossing from one ride to the other though, it’s always steaming hot those tiles and could cause blisters! Have your plasters in-hand moms! (or you can just approach the lifeguards for band-aids)

Opening hours:-10am – 6pm daily

Address:- 8 Sentosa Gateway, its co-located in the same area as Universal Studios, but the nearest landmark would be the S.E.A Aquarium at the far corner. Took me some time to find it. Only suaku me take so long.

Prices:- $26/child, $36/Adult

There ya go mommies and daddies. We’ll try to break down each and every ride in consecutive posts in detail and we’ll post more pictures in them respectively, especially for the theme parks and the indoor playgrounds, we’ll try to put up videos also la k.

If you have any special requests for any fun place that we haven’t mention yet, do let us know here at #TLRB and we’ll try to cover it! Otherwise, stay tuned to our next TEN hand-picked fun places to bring your kids to- only in Singapore! Wohooooooo







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