Getting Started

An Alternative Voice From a Local

There are many blogs out there which are driven for money-making income opportunities, there are some which target solely on the purpose of upselling their products or goods online, and thereafter selling a course which you eventually might not need. If you read our about-page, yes, you’re right that this blog was started initially when I was in the insurance industry- to educate people about the importance of getting insurance etc. But as I got along more into writing, I found that I liked it. And I wanted to generally help people from where I come from. So I founded The Little Red blog in early 2016.

In addition to the fact there aren’t many local Malay Singaporean bloggers out there, I decided to undertake this task, and speak on behalf of my fellow citizens.

That’s eventually my aim. To represent an alternative voice in cyberspace.

Hey, I’m no Amos Yee or some delinquent who rants and critics about other religions and stuff. But I try to air my views within the compounds of our laws. So whatever I write, is of my personal opinion yeah.

Why should you keep on reading this blog

This blog is gonna be like a pit stop for selected news we fish out from the net, from the normal mainstream media, and from the chatter of the forums. Apart from sharing local news, there will also be tips on how to start your own blog, tools that I’ve tried and tested on my own- to see what works.

So feel free to browse our site, and drop us an email at if you have any enquiries!