Gracious act of life-by donating his organ to a stranger

Meet Mr Peter Lim. Aint the super-rich guy who owns Valencia FC, or invests in the Iskandar project we’re talking about here. Peter Lim Kok Seng, is a hero. He just helped a 16 year old girl by donating his liver so that she gets a breath of new life.

It’s appalling, why would he donate his liver to an unknown, much less a person that he cares about at all? To partially quote him; he said that “he wants to make a difference on lives of others before he reaches the cut-off age of 55 years old in being legible to donate his liver here in Singapore”

The lucky girl is Lim Si Jia, 16, a student from Edgevale Secondary School who was diagnosed  with glycogen storage disease, a rare genetic condition where the body is incapable of producing a critical enzyme needed to break down glycogen – the body’s store of sugar. In the liver varieties of the disease, the glycogen accumulates in the liver and often results in the organ swelling.

She needed a liver transplant and similarly to other recipients in Singapore, her name was placed on the national waiting list.

In January 2015, the 54-year old security concierge, stepped forward to be a non-directed liver donor – this meant that he was willing for his liver to be used for the most needy patient on the waiting list.

What even makes Mr Peter Lim more of an astounding person was that even before the Human Organ Transplant Act(H.O.T.A) was passed in 1987, Mr Lim had voluntarily signed up to be an organ donor. He has also pledged his organs and body tissues for transplant, education or research purposes after his death.

Now because 0f his kind act, Si Jia is able to live a better quality life as compared as she was prior to the transplant. She needs to be on long term  medication to facilitate her body to accept her new organ though.

Kind souls pave the way for better lives in our community. Its so heartwarming to know that such people do still exist in Singapore.



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