Madrasah Students in Singapore Attacked!

Islamophobia poses ‘significant risk’ to Singapore: Shanmugam

That’s the topic header of the post from Channel NewsAsia.

For those who don’t know about this case that has taken our society by storm, it first started when a Discipline Mistress, Nisha Mohd Hussein of the Madrasah was made aware that three of her students were attacked while on the way to school at 7am in the morning. Alarmed by it, she resorted to making appeals via her personal Facebook account for eyewitnesses. The post has since been taken off at the time of this writing.

The incident managed to catch the attention of our Law Minister, Mr Shanmugam, who instructed the Police to investigate into the matter.

Now, lets weigh a few stuff before we dive in further into this hot-cakes topic:-

  1. Islamophobia —- a new profound vocabulary to add to the likes of Jihadism, Islamist, terrorist, etc.
  2. Where was help when those students were in distress?
    • There should be SMRT staff on duty right? It would be the start of peak period and I remember well that there should be marshals with those traffic wands directing human traffic. Shouldn’t they have been aware of this?
    • We can’t blame the men in blue to be patrolling at 7.20 in the morning, none of them are that hardworking enough to do that, even when the Transport Command Headquarters is no bloody near lah.
    • More importantly, what were the bystanders doing????
  3. Do we really think fourteen and fifteen year olds would be provoking this man that ends up assaulting them?

Imagine this. You’re all set to meet a bunch of friends ready to hit the clubs on a Friday night, and ever ready to get drunk, wet and dirty. As soon you meet them you go:- “OH MY GOD” —– like you never met your friends in a thousand years. And the moment you meet them, your fears and shyness flushes away, and whatever you do in a group, seems cool.

Point here is….. if those three Madrasah students were in a group and they’re a notorious, wild ones at that, then it would be justifiable to even state the possibility that they’re out for some fun. Just like us when we’re in the midst of our homies.

But they weren’t. And to further state the obvious fact was that it was 7.20AM in the morning, people DREAD to travel to school/work that early, and causing notoriety should be the last thing on their minds– even when in a group!v And besides, these Madrasah students, a majority of them are decent kids. They won’t dare to tarnish the name of there school, even more Islam(due to the fact that they’re wearing the Tudung and their uniforms). Although we cannot exempt the fact that there MAY BE blacksheeps amongst them.

Which leaves us to two possibilities. One of which is that the man was indeed Insane. Or some serious anti-Islam/rascist dude.

Could be a bit of both, could he be an extreme of either?



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