Mandai Area will inherit two new wildlife parks in 2020

After a super long period, we’re finally gonna have not one, but TWO new Casinos wildlife parks! Wooooooot! The last park-the River Safari- was not really a huge hit amongst the locals according to the reviews that we received from our friends and family. And, hey, just like SimCity, as the population grows, amenities and entertainment areas must follow suit, all in bid to keep the population happy la.

The two new parks will be a Bird Park and a new Rainforest Park according to Mandai Safari Park Holdings(MSPH)- announced earlier today- and they will be located in the western area of Mandai.

When you mention Mandai to me, two terms comes to my head. Zoo. Expressway. An under-utilized space of greenery.. and an army training area. Eh, thats four terms that comes to mind la dey.

Anyway, the New Bird Park will maintain some of the exciting features that Jurong Bird Park has, there will be a new waterfall, a cool new spunking amphitheater to feature bird performances and of course, it will house a huge number of critically endangered species from all over the world.

The new Rainforest park, which will be connected to the Bird Park(that means pay one ticket access to both meh) visitors will be able to be fully immersed in the sights and sounds of the tropical rainforests of SouthEast Asia. And yup, it costs more to book a tree house to fully mesmerize yourself in order to live like Tarzan and live with Nature.

We want to give Singaooreans a nature and wildlife destination that they can call their own. Visitor have asked for more novel, engaging and immersive experiences and we hope the new Mandai nature precinct will provide all that and more,” said Group CEO of MSPH Mike Barclay.

So, we’re looking forward to see how much prices is gonna be like. Till 2020 folks!



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