Return of Singapore’s First Pop-Up Urban Beach

Its here again!!!!!! For the second time round, Singapore’s first urban pop-up beach makes it way back to the hearts of the Central Business District to showcase an array of activities along with it!!!

Lets do a quick run through what you’re gonna expect from this area that forms a part of the DBS Marina Regatta 2016 taking place this weekend and the next! Admissions to the festival this weekend is FREE, but bear in mind that accessing the rides, some fees may apply. Go back to our homepage to learn more about the whole festival. Anyways, here’s whats cooking:-

  • WaterSlide
  • Stand-up Paddling
  • Kids Kayakking
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Lounge area with Airmocks

Waterslide DBS Marina Regatta
A 16-m high inflatable water slide. [Picture by Straights Times]
A nearly FIVE storey high inflatable water-slide has been installed at the area surrounded by the urban pop-up beach! Yayyyy!! We get to relive the old Fantasy Island just a little! haha!

What: 4-5 storey high Inflated Water-Slide

Where: Pop-Up Beach Area

Cost: $10 for 5 rides

Registration: On-site and

Availability: First come first-served basis.

Requirements: Minimum 1.1m tall and 5 years of age

The interesting part about this attraction ride is that; ALL their proceeds go to charity!!

So go on down to the Marina Bay Promenade this weekend and the next and slideeeee for a good cause yo!

Stand-Up Paddling
Stand Up paddling DBS Marina Regatta
Stand up Paddling at the Urban beach!

What you see in the picture is what you’ll get folks! I personally think that the paddlers in the pictures are dressed quite fancily, go in bikinis and your suspenders and post them on Instagram, tag #TLRB while at it too!!! haha!

What: Stand-Up Paddling

Where: Within the areas of the Pop-Up Beach

Cost: $15 per session for 20 minutes


  • E-mail
  • Contact person: Ms Charlotte Spicer


  • 28th May, Saturday: 11am, 5pm, 6.30pm, 7pm
  • 29th May, Sunday: 5pm, 6.30pm, 7pm
  • 4th June, Saturday: 11am, 5pm, 6.30pm, 7pm
  • 5th June, Sunday: 5pm, 6.30pm, 7pm

Requirements: Signing of indemnity form.

**Editors note – Check out the most awesome places the #TLRB team has got in store for the kids this holidays!!!**


Yoga By the Bay
Yoga by the bay [Picture by HoneyCombers]
Stand-Up Yoga

No studio, no air-conditioning, no yoga mats, and best of all, away from the crowd. You’ll be practicing your Yoga moves atop a paddle board! Time to test your sense of wits and balance!

What: Stand-up Yoga

Where: In the areas of the Pop-Up beach

Cost: $30/session of 40 minutes


  • Saturday Sessions:-
    • E-mail:
    • Contact Person: Vivian
    • Pre-payment required
  • Sunday Sessions:-
    • E-mail:
    • Contact person: Nicole Chung


  • Saturday Sessions, 28th May and 4th of June: 2pm
  • Sunday Sessions, 29th May and 5th of June: 11.30am and 12.15pm

Requirements: Signing of indemnity form.

Yoga By The Bay

Alongside the Yoga in the waters, there will also be Yoga on the beach!

What: Yoga By the Bay

Where: Within the area of the Pop-Up beach

Cost: -NA- There are currently no more slots at the moment of this writing.  ☹️


Availability: -NA- There are currently no more slots at the moment of this writing

For the Kiddos
Kids Kayakking DBS Marina Regatta 2016
Kids Kayak

Too scared to ever let your kids go kayakking in the river or lakes? Fret no more parents! You will get to let your kids enjoy the kayakking sport right under your nose, within the safety of the Urban Beach! What’s more, they will be supervised by members from the Singapore Canoe Federation! How awesome is that?

What: Kids Kayak

Where: Within the boundaries of the Urban Beach

Cost: FREEEEEE. Faster go, first come first served basis ah.

Registration: On-site


  • Saturday and Sunday sessions:-
    • 4.30pm, 4.45pm, 6pm, 6.15pm


  • Each session will only accommodate FOUR kids
  • Minimum height: 1.1m tall

Zorbing On the Pop-Up Pool


Zorbing on the Pop-up pool
Zorbing Good Time!

What: Zorbing on the pop up pool

Where: Within the boundaries of the Urban beach

Cost: Freeeeeee

Registration: On-site first come first served basis


  • Saturday sessions: 12pm – 2pm
  • Sunday sessions: 1pm – 3pm

Requirements: nil

Ready Steady Go Kids!

Ready Steady go kids DBS marina regatta
Mini Obstacles course for kids!

What: Get wet, get wild obstacle course featuring team building for kids!

Where: Within the area of the Urban Beach

Cost: Free!

Registration: On-site,first-come first-served basis

Availability: On-site,first-come first-served basis

Requirements: Minimum 5 years of age

This pretty much sums up our cover of the looming DBS Marina Regatta 2016 taking place this weekend and the next! Don’t forget to take selfies of yourselves and your favorite attractions, rides, team and vendors, and tag #TLRB in them to stand a chance to be featured in our review for the festival!!!

Have a great weekend folks!!





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