The Affair of MP David Ong and Wendy Lim

Karma bites back twice(editor’s note: stay tuned for the previous affair of former MP Michael Palmer) for the ruling coalition. Such is the fate for PAP, who has been governing us for the past 50 over years. The news of Bukit Batok MP David Ong having an affair with a fellow grassroots leader from the same constituency broke when he announced his resignation on the 12th of March 2016. To quote him in an excerpt from his resignation letter to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong:-

…. I tendered my resignation as a Member of Parliament….I am doing so for personal reasons, and with a heavy heart.

MP David Ong, 54, has been serving for the Bukit Batok residents for the past six years, including the number of years that Bukit Batok was part of Jurong GRC. The father of three continued to run Bukit Batok after the estate was carved out to be a Single Member Constituency, or SMC as it is commonly known.

What happened, and why did he resign? Well, lets dive deeper into this controversy that has smeared the ruling party, we’ll further elaborate on the statement of the former Minister of Parliament. Here’s why:-

Wendy Lim affair with David Ong
Grassroots Leader
Wendy Lim

A tryst with the woman you see in the image to your right.

Wendy Lim, aged 41, is was also happily married with three children. We know that she had been campaigning closely with the former Minister , however according to sources, the affair started only after the Singapore General Election in 2015, and that it went on for about 6 months—– until Wendy’s husband reported it, to whom you ask? Presumably to the Party itself.

Of course, we would never what the actual facts are unless we miraculously able to interview either of them. But for the husband to actually make the decision to report it, seemed like he had exhausted all means to tell the duo to call it off.

I mean, if you caught your partner cheating, wouldn’t you confront him/her first, demand an explanation, and if the latter was still incorrigible, then do you take it further?

Wendy, in her day job, is a Deputy Honorary Treasurer with Pacific Integrated Logistics Pte Ltd. On the side, she was a Grassroots Leader serving in the same constituency as Mr David Ong for a number of years. Most images that links her to her current posting in Pacific Integrated Logistics have seen been taken down. Even her LinkedIN profile has been inaccessible.

Pacific Integrated Logistics Wendy Lim








What happens now that the scandal has been exposed?

Can Mr David Ong still resist the scorn of the public’s eye and still be involved in Politics? Well, that decision appears to have been made by the Secretary-General of the ruling Party, and our current Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

The party’s uniform is white. And they must represent something within their ranks. it has to be symbolical. Corrupt free(the recent Panama papers shows that we were free of Graft!), PAP is well mixed with members from different races, a markedly huge improvement by introducing candidates from the minority races, but, there is this scandalous obstructions that will always plague men, so it seems.

Food for thought…. if paying our Ministers with sky-high salaries solved the temptations of corruptibility, what would solve the issues of lust?




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