Minister gets preferential treatment at Tuas Checkpoint

png eng huat
Workers Party
Png Eng Huat
Tan Chuan Jin MP
Peoples Action Party
Tan Chuan Jin

The latest tit-for-tat and bickering between parties are back at it again. This time between Workers Party Opposition MP Png Eng Huat and People Actions Party MP for Social and Development Tan Chuan Jin and it all went down with the latter getting preferential treatment at Tuas Checkpoint.

It was last Sunday where both Ministers were over in Malaysia, one for an official visit to Malaysia for a Hari Raya Open house and the other, durian shopping with his fellow grassroots kaki. From here you can tell which one went for the official visit ah.

And so, after spending their day across the border, both decided to head back, and the weekends, being the weekend, Sunday moreover, there’s the inevitable causeway traffic jam(at both causeways)

Both Ministers were amongst their own entourage, a normal practice when they’re out with their supporters, but MP Png Eng Huat accused of MP Tan Chuan Jin and his team of getting preferential treatment by jumping the snaking que lines.

In response, ICA stated that it was normal practice ministers on both sides of the Causeway, as well as members of the Malaysian royalty, to be given expedited clearance at the land checkpoints.

….normal practice ministers on both sides…” not the whole entourage.

And now the social media wars have erupted between the two, with one claiming the other stirring hate and anger.

Politics….. Politics. Tsk tsk,




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