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Below are a list of tool I personally use to run my blog. You don't have to use all of them to the minute detail, but it'll certainly give your home business a boost, especially if you're starting out alone in the blogging business. I'll be honest that some of the links below are affiliate links, and I'd like to be upfront with you that if it worked for me, why shouldn't it with you?



Resource Tools for Blogging Singapore

$3.95 per month - #TLRB deal

Try SiteGround

Almost all of my websites that I have ever worked with runs on SiteGround. Why?

Their easy to use interface is one reason - navigating their site to see your admin panel hosting plans are simply easy to use., what's more is their one-click installation wizard for WordPress is simply a breeze.

And then there's their customer service support, their staff are highly knowledgeable in most areas related to your business' foundation who'll go over and beyond to help you solve the issues you're facing.

I highly recommend SiteGround to kick start your online business at only $3.95/month!

I've included a short review about my experience with Siteground so you'll know what I mean by really good web hosting in my definition.

X-Mind, Mind Mapping Software

X Mind, The little red blog resource tools

X-Mind is the one software that's always opened on my desktop whenever I start writing. I would have never ever thought that what my secondary school teacher preached in school would eventually rub off on me in due time, and now I realize the importance of a mind map. It basically does what it means- it maps out your mind. As a blogger, you'll be having so many ideas running in your head, be it when you're taking a dump, out with the missus, or even whilst writing dudes and dudettes. So keep that gold mind of a thought tucked safely in your mind maps and revisit it later.

Email Auto Responder - MailChimp

With it's easy to use user interface, I find no other joy better than using Mailchimp. I've been testing waters for about 2-3 years now, I've tried other platforms such as GetResponse and ConvertKit, but I found myself falling in love with Mailchimp. It works great with many other companies like Thrive Themes too! 

Organisation: Trello

By nature I'm suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. I love things in organization, even my workspace which I'm using to write this page up has it's own allocated parking space! lol. Trello, is my other favorite software apart from X-Mind. Get trello on your mobile phone, and just add a thought of yours in your deck of cards that the Trello user-interface heavily relies on. I often refer to my deck of cards in Trello to be transferred onto X-Mind whenever I start work.

Social Media Marketing, Schedule with Hootsuite

On a daily basis, we have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that we browse personally. The thought of posting on Instagram whenever you see fit is fine and casual, but when you decide to go-business orientated, you'll find that you'll be facing some challenges to craft up a post, the timing of the posts, and the #hashtags to use. Pre-plan all these in advance, schedule it to spread across the day or week, and let Hootsuite do the posting for you automatically.