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Needing the endurance to get in shape for a marathon, or enlisting for the army? Our personal trainers are from the army and police units respectively.


Train the body, mind and soul.

Ever heard of bruce lee's one-inch-punch? 

Our trainers meditate regularly alongside physical training.

Strength Training

Strength resilience is important for us to take our training to the next level. We incorporate body weight training into our exercise regimes.

British meets Singapore

An enriching expat story

Kate Wilson.  An accountant by day, a toughie at night when she's on the mats with her training partners.

When the clock strikes 6pm, Kate casts aside her accountant role, don her physical training attire to join us in our daily sessions. It helps because Kate lives just down the road from where we hold our sessions, which she says is a plus point for her as she loves working out outdoors among nature.

Ex-Special Forces

Story of a cast out ranger

David Chan was out on a training stint in Australia when it all happened. His rappel got intertwined with his rifle.

All it took was 8 seconds to land on the ground, which he eventually did, but did so on his right ankle, causing it to fracture. To make matters worse, he also sustained a dislocated right shoulder tearing his tendons in the process.

David approached us, in order to rehabilitate himself and to get back into shape. 

Nature Lovin'

Sweating in the green

Catalina Rodrigues is a pilates instructor from her hometown of Madrid, Spain. When her husband was sent packing to work in Singapore, she was forced to leave her students whom she has gathered for a total of two years. 

Now, she switched being a student, and helping out the other students in breathing exercises before and after our sessions!

Asian Tiger

Speedy Dragon

Aran. Comes from a mixed heritage where his mom is Thai, and dad a peranakan. Growing up in a neighborhood school here in Singapore, Aran was active in sports, but never into specific training. It was only in 2016, when he was in Thailand watching a Muay Thai match, it sparked something in him to take part in the sports. ​

He now trains with us as he says the outdoor atmosphere encourages him to get used to our tropical climate, a plus factor for his sparring bouts.

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