The Harm of Using Black Magic

The Harm of Using Black Magic

The spiritual word hold many secrets that many enthusiasts are always in search for. Whatever the reason may be, be it for success in fame or fortune, for maintaining harmony in your love life or in the family, or even if you are keen to help others in recovering from a mystery illness, this could be the very answer to your needs and wants. 

My very first encounter with the spiritual world started when I was only 14 or 15 years old. My family and I received news that my uncle was critically sick after being diagnosed with cancer. Being a young and inexperienced boy back then, I only believed in the marvels of science and how the sick can be treated with medical advancements in our time. I never looked deeper to think about what caused the cancer to occur or for any other illness that could strike a perfectly normal person. 

My Uncle's Story - The National Footballer

I shall not name him in this post for personal reasons, but he played for the national team. In the 1980s or 90s, the older, more traditional Malay was highly superstitious, they acquaint themselves so close to the spiritual world in order to attain their goals. Call it cheating if you may, but this a true story because he made it in his footballing career.

Be Careful on What You Wish For

Towards the final month before his death, my uncle began showing obvious signs and symptoms that he was disturbed. His stature grew so thin to the point that he was practically a walking skeleton. He began to "hallucinate" and speaking when there was no one else in the same room as he was. My auntie, his wife, began to suspect that he was under the influence of an evil presence and the whole family came to a decision to call a professional, and Ustadz to assist when my uncle started to be bed ridden.

My uncle was in pain towards the final few weeks of his life. The Ustadz, came by more than once and determined that my uncle indeed was using something to aid him in his younger days. 

That something was a Jinn. In my own understanding - a spiritual entity that aids you in your daily decision making. More on the topic of the Jinn later.

An exorcism was decided to be carried out as the Ustadz made it clear that in order for my uncle to pass peacefully, the Jinn had to be removed in accordance to Islam's teachings.

The Exorcism.

Even at the young age, I understood the agony and pain that my uncle went through during the ordeal of the exorcism. He screamed, shouted, shook the bed violently that he had to be restrained. He even spoke in a voice that we were sure that that wasn't him speaking when the Ustadz attempted to interact with the Jinn in his body.

After a 3-4 hour traumatic experience, my uncle was finally cleansed, and he rested peacefully till his passing on that very same week.

The Jinn

Jinn, is a spiritual entity that lives in the world of the unseen. Like us humans, there are both the evil ones and the good ones. In the understanding of Islam, there are also Jinn(s) that practice the Islamic faith and there are also the non-believers. And same like us, they can also be manipulated to do a person's bidding. More often than not, the Jinn(s) are summoned by a bomoh or witch doctor and a promise or offering is made between them. If you guys think logically, come on, where in this world, or any other world for the matter, would anyone do anything for free? You go to a bomoh, you state your intentions. You pay the bomoh, the bomoh summons the Jinn of his preference, presents your request, and the Jinn is coerced into doing your bidding. The bomoh is just a mere broker between you and your Jinn.

In my uncle's case. The Jinn wanted blood offerings to satisfy it's hunger. It could be food dripped with droplets of blood, it could be a a carcass of a cat or dog, or even the blood of a woman's period. As long as it is fed, it will do my uncle's bidding. But over the years as my uncle retired from the football industry, he refrained from his promise to the Jinn, and the Jinn, infuriated that the promise was not kept, retaliated by making him critically sick and disturbing the harmony of the household. 

The topic of healing a person or anyone affected by these beings are too lengthy to elaborate in one post, but know this, never meddle with a Jinn that requires something negative in return. Wouldn't it be better if the Jinn you received is a religious one, gifted by a proper medium or Guru, and your task to return the favor for him(the Jinn) helping you is for you to just pray to God and pray for everyone around you?



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