My Personal Review of Minyak Seribu Guna

My Review Of Minyak Seribu Guna

Orang Melayu - The Malay People.

We once commanded much influence and authority in the Malay Archipelago and in South East Asia. We possessed  vast lands that stretched from the cornerstones of the Philippines and all the way to the lands bordering with China. We had Sultans(kings) who wielded their power in their own respective lands. We had foot-soldiers whom we called the Pendekar or Panglima. Heard of Hang Tuah, Hand Jebat or Hang Lekiu? Their names are famously recorded in Malay history as being warriors of the Malay Sultanate back in the day. These Sultans in return had subjects who were tasked in aiding their royal duties.


When I mention subjects, more often than not, you would envision a minister, a parliamentarian or even an army General that assists the leader of the country. Can't say you're wrong though. 🤔

Many of the older, traditional Malays wielded the ability of commanding of the unseen to aid them in their daily routines.

To explain that in relations to the Qur'an(the holy book of Islam):-

Ẓāhir (Arabicظاهر‎) is an Arabic term in some tafsir (interpretations of the Quran) for what is external and manifest.
Bāṭin (Arabicباطن‎) literally means "inner", "inward", "hidden", etc.

Zahir would simply mean; objects that you can see or touch in reality. Batin on the hand is the opposite. 

Fast forward to the world today. The ilmu (knowledge in Malay language) has eroded to a point that it has not been widely-practiced by the modern folks of this day. Human beings as we are, we seek to attain what we cannot have, and there definitely would be some who seek to acquire the highly guarded knowledge. There are also some of the older remaining folks who retained some of the teachings taught by their ancestors and in return they teach it to their underlings. And what do we have now, let's take a look:-

Berbagai minyak pengasih dan penunduk
Berbagai minyak pengasih dan penunduk

What we have above are the many hundreds or different types of spiritual oils that are sold by many spiritual practitioners and brokers. We're definitely spoiled for choice aye?

My Personal Review of 1001 - Usages Oil

I'm going to share with you a particular minyak(oil in Malay language) that is only available exclusively to private customers of a particular spiritual group that I know of. It has been proven many countless of times that even towkays or bosses of certain companies has been a regular customer of my spiritual group. They are known by different names such as:-

  • Minyak Penunduk (Subjugation Oil)
  • Minyak Pengasih (Love Attraction Oil)
  • Minyak Pelaris (Wealth or Fortune Attraction Oil)

Essentially, they're similar in the nature of their intended results which is; to get someone influenced.

Before I even begin talking about the usefulness and the benefits of this particular oil, I'd like to state my reason what got me interested in the spiritual world.

I have always been a history enthusiast, primarily the history of the Malays in Singapore and what happened to the land of Singapura that is not run by non-Muslims. You can read about my article about the Singapore last sultan here. 

I researched a great deal about what happened about to the descendants of the last Malay ruler of Singapura and I got caught in a web of conspiracies(only God knows which ones are the truth or not), and I also got caught in a web of the supernatural stories that are linked to the Malay rulers of the past. (Editors note: I will explain deeper in detail about Jinns, Khodams, spiritual guardians, and witch doctors in the days to come.) Do read about the harm of black magic, and why the use of khodams and jinns are strictly prohibited in the eyes of Islam.

Okay, that got a little side-tracked. Let's get back on my review of the minyak that I have been using. 

The minyak has the following uses:-

  • 1
    Aiding Businesses to Blossom and Prosper
  • 2
    Influencing Positive Relationship
  • 3
    Increasing Chances of Good Luck
  • 4
    Attending Court Cases (Civil Suits, Police Cases, Matrimonial Cases)
  • 5

I have been using this Minyak Seribu Guna (1001 Usages Oil) for the past few months. And I dare say that the results have reaped me miraculous benefits and return. I got my return on investment on my expense of that minyak in the same month. 

Pause and think for a moment, and think why the Malays of the past were highly spiritual? How did they keep control of their assets and businesses? How did they ensure that their families were always happy and full of joy and laughter? 

If you'd like to grab one of these oils, please do drop your comment below, or email me at You can also scroll down below to contact me via facebook/twitter/instagram to enquire more about this minyak. 


I personally guarantee this minyak will work. If it does not, I will refund you half of the amount. But when(not if) it works for you, your next purchase will be triple the original cost price of it can?  So have confidence and faith in the Almighty and his creations.

Do check out the testimonials of those who have gotten their hands on the minyak..(thank you for allowing me to post your reviews on my blog!

Everyday I use the oil, and it has been over a month and thanks to God, there has been positive changes in my career. Sales has been good, every single week.

Thanks Bang ^^

26 Yrs Old - Sales

I'm very happy that my efforts were not wasted to come all the way. My workers now has been listening to me more and obeying my instructions word for word. Miraculous 😅

Kak Intan-
Shop Owner, Johor Baru

... So far my husband has stopped drinking and womanizing. He listens to my requests, and there was once I even tried this; I wanted to eat Mee Soto at Adam Road, he went ALL THE WAY. No way would he do that in the past lah. Oil indeed works!

Hafizah -
Childcare Teacher

 Every 3 months, the production of this minyak is limited to only 14 pieces only. So please get yours quickly before others snap it up.



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      • For me, the oil started working well for me after the first week. During the week, of course, I had to be consistent in my prayers and recitations. I’m a Muslim, so the prayers helped significantly. For the non-muslims, they are taught how to recite a very short Qur’anic verse. Easy to memorize.

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