How You Can Actually Time Travel

An idea by Animesh Ghimiray

All of us have fantasized the ability to time travel to the future and to the past. It all started when authors got creative and imaginative with kids’ ideas and thought up about time travelling and time machines and they used these ideas in their books which awed the audience and gave them a new point of view towards a new idea, the idea of time travelling. I for one, have always loved the idea about time travelling and I also have thought up many ideas but I also cannot share this openly here in this blog, you know, its my idea and I won’t be surprised if someone steals my idea, so, I’m sorry but I can’t share my ideas but if you really are interested you can follow my Google+ account or my Twitter(@Reckless_Invent) or my Instagram(reckless_inventor) and I can tell you a little about my idea. Anyways, let us get to exactly how you can actually time travel. Here are some ideas of mine:

1.   BlackHole Time Travel:-

Now, Blackholes are not just fantasies, they’re real, and their existence has been proved. Blackholes are masses of huge pressure and of almost infinite density. These things suck even light, let alone us humans. With much research and thinking up properly scientists have been able to interpret that blackholes disrupt time and space. Well, as the great physicist Stephen Hawking has stated, blackholes can be used for travelling through time. They can be said to be as “natural time disruptors”. But, as they say, nothing is perfect. Blackholes have some really serious drawbacks. If one goes close enough(i.e. within the radius of the blackhole’s gravitational field) to the blackhole, then there is no guarantee that he or she may even survive or not. There is like 1% chances that you may survive the pull out of a 100%. So, it would be a pretty stupid idea if you think that you would just pass through the pull and survive, well, if you think that way, then you have a very wrong notion about the nature of a blackhole. Well, I haven’t mentioned of how exactly you could time travel so here is how you can travel through time with a blackhole. What you need to do is that you need to somehow escape the pull and manually( i.e. without naturally getting pulled by the blackhole) reach the event horizon, there you’ll be able to see a big mass of almost infinite density, and what you need to do is that you need to revolve around this big mass without coming in contact with the gravitational  field of the blackhole, and just keep up the pace. You’ll be able to time travel to the future using this but I’m not sure about any of this as it cannot or has not been proved yet so I cannot be a 100% sure but my guesses are that you can time travel but it won’t make much time difference, say at the most a difference of 5 years. So, yeah that’s one way you can time travel.

2.   Travellin’ At The Speed Of Light:-

This idea is widely known and is simple and straight-forward. The idea of time travelling by travelling at the speed of light has been one big fantasy. Authors have used this idea in their books and have surprised the audience with their imaginative abilities and their plotting abilities. Now, what the idea is, is that if a body travels at the speed of light( i.e. 299,792,458 m/s to be precise) it will be able to travel to the future, or, you never know, it can also go to the past. But, going to the past is pretty tough. Look at time as a straight line pointed towards a particular side. So according to the rules of a straight line pointed towards a particular direction, when a body moves along that path, it needs to remain moving in the same direction, i.e. it cannot change its direction. Here, the straight line is time, the direction to which the time “line” is pointing is called the future and the direction opposite to which the line is pointed is called the past, or as this simple figure shows here:-                                          ( past  =====(timeline)=====>>  future)

That’s pretty much the basic idea of why exactly is it tough to time travel to the past. Anyways, that’s how you can time travel by travelling at the speed of light. It’s a pretty good idea and it’s decent but we humans cannot move at the speed of light. Even the smallest particles like electrons need huge Colliders to gain the speed of light, think of the immense energy we would require to gain the speed of light. But, if you ask me, we will soon be able to travel at the speed of light. With the passage of time, we have advanced a lot and at this rate in the not so distant future, we may just be able to time travel.

3.   Wormhole Time Travel:-

One of the most broad and wild ideas that I have ever come across regarding time travel, Wormhole Time Travel is my favorite idea and this idea gave rise to my new theory and a new concept. For now, I’m only disclosing the names of these two. The name of the theory is: Anti-Podal Stability Theory and the name of the idea is: Wormhole Stabiliser. If you are interested to know about my idea you can mail me( or follow me on Twitter(@Reckless_Invent) and message me there or you can even follow me on Instagram(reckless_inventor) and message me there too. Anyways, let’s get back to the topic. So, the basic idea of Wormhole Time Travel is that, if you travel through a wormhole you will be able to time travel to the past or the future( depending on how speed you’re travelling). Ok, I know you’re confused but I’ll explain in detail now. A wormhole is a theoretical shortcut through space-time which links two distant places, to say so in simple words. Although they have not yet been discovered they have been believed to carry mind-blowing properties. One of them happens to be the property to disrupt time-space and this property gives rise to its best property, i.e. the property to act as a medium through which one can time travel. This idea is pretty complicated and is not as easy to understand as the Blackhole Time Travel idea or the Travellin’ at the Speed of Light idea.  It’s tough to understand this idea because it contains a lot of assumptions and imaginations. The Wormhole Time Travel idea is really really great but it too, like the other ideas, has drawbacks. Wormholes’ existence has not yet been proved and that’s a major drawback for us to assume any of the above properties to be true. Well, I know it’s a great idea and I know very well that there is no proof of the existence of wormholes, I do have a concept, a machine to say so, which can actually create a wormhole and actually stabilise this wormhole. I know that many of the readers who read this may not believe this but I’m only telling the truth. Anyways, so that’s one major drawback and the other drawback is that the wormholes’ composition, its basic properties(like matter for humans,  etc.) has not been found. Well, I’ve kept the best for last. The reason why I’m giving so much of praise and emphasis to this idea is that this is the best time travelling device because you can time travel a lot further and, this is my assumption, if you can travel at the speed of light somehow and travel through the wormhole, before reaching your destination, you will come across a sort of chamber, and if you come across this place, then you will have reached the timeline monitor, a place where you get to choose where you want to go, you can go way back to time before the Big Bang and find out exactly how this happened, if it happened at all, or you can go to the distant future also. This is why I love this idea and I’m working on building a wormhole. Anyways, on comparing, I’d say that out of the three ideas, the Wormhole Time Travel happens to be the best.



So, these are three of my ideas on how you can possibly time travel. I know that I’m not supposed to say this but I’m also looking for scholarships to study abroad so I’m hoping I could get one through these blogs and articles. All that you have read here is just a small glimpse into my thoughts and if you liked it please do follow my Google+ and Twitter(@Reckless_Invent) and Instagram(reckless_inventor), and I will continue posting my ideas and thoughts here. Please do subscribe if you like my blogs.

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